Saturday, June 18, 2011

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  • yabadaba
    07-31 10:57 AM
    can someone point me to a thread discussing decoding LIN #?

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  • 485InDreams
    08-21 12:34 PM
    Guys...I found this blog in that site...This is one good example that employers watching the, wht may be the reason... never give the employer details...


    I was on Hib with EliteCareers and they had sposored by GC.
    It was very smooth sailing. They had everything down, very professional. Everytthing reltated to following up on time sheets, payroll, leave, etc was handeled very efficiently.
    When I had some problems with Blue Cross not passing a claim on the medical bill, I was able to get the benefits person in chanrge to talk to Blue Cross and resoolve it immediately.

    Jeri-Mc Fadden was the person with whom I mainly interacted. And she was always there to help, guide, and interface with the client. Most important, whatever terms I had discussed and agreed with her at the start, she was true to it all the time. Even when the company said, "oh, this is not company policy, we do not allow this". she stepped in and said, but for him, we had made an exception. Please proceed. That was very helpful.

    It was a totally stressless experience... not like other H1b experience I had where even if I had something in writing, I was never sure if the company would follow through.

    here, I knew, they would.

    For best reults, just make sure you have all agreements in writing... like when they will start your GC, who pays what. etc.

    So even if Jeri is no longer there, you have that in place. And the company is professional to follow through.

    Best part, my GC came through in 6 months of filing.... I-140 and 485 was a breeze.

    Just my experience....make sure, you go throughall situations and agree on who does what before, and then no issues. The company follows through. It is a well managed.

    - Biju

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  • eb3retro
    01-31 02:03 PM
    Well, everyone wishes the rumour to be true.
    But you know what, to realize the increase in fees for the I-485, they should allow people to file for it. Unless people start filing for I-485's they are not going to make the $2billion in 2 yrs. If retrogression continues, guess the fee increase doesn't make much sense.... Not sure whether I am right or wrong here.

    Well, you are bringing up a very good point. May be we can setup a webfax event to USCIS, for allowing us to I-485 even if PD is not current, so that they can reap the exact benefit of this fees hike.

    Core members - what say you???

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  • Shirdibaba
    11-11 12:44 PM
    Hi folks,
    We had the appt wt infopass the other day.I guess it was just like others,some kinda error and that happened opening the SR wt TSC.They said our case is preadjudicated.and said we may want to check on the case by making an appt wt the center but maybe NOT calling and opening a service request.What a waste of time n energy, all the agony we had to go through!!

    NOW guys i have some other issue/question to ask u all.
    After the EAD is approved do u necessarily have to be working for the same employer who sponsored for you? Ours is like future appointment.The USCIS wanted some docs from us this June re the appontment/work related.And yesterday when we asked that officer she said our case is preadjuticated as of Oct 2009.So far we have taken couple of paychecks frm the sponsoring company.But then we have our own small business also that has kept us going.And we were thinking of taking more paychecks after the GC is approved.Does that make sense to you guys? or are we at fault?
    PLS Suggest??


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  • Legal
    07-19 08:52 PM
    OK guys, here is what I think. Being in US on a visitor visa, and then applying for an I-485 does seem like a violation of visa terms, but the other way round seem to be fine.

    since B-1 visa is issued clearly on the assumption she does not have immigrant intent.

    I mean she can apply for an I-485 first in India, and then apply for a visitor visa later while her I-485 application is pending.

    read above

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  • vbkris77
    11-30 05:10 PM
    Thanks for the good work. However, I saw a major potential flaw in estimating the applications from ROW. The report finds the life cycle for a ROWer to submit 485 is 1 year, thus assuming little AOS applications will be filed in the coming year from ROW. But this analysis forgot to consider those ROWers who started GC in year 2008. A person who started working in 11/2008 is ready to submit 485 now and uses one quota, even if a person who just started working won't be able to submit AOS till a year from now. With this under consideration, I feel the spillover will be much less than initially estimated.
    Please correct me if I missed anything.

    Good observation, but the economy wasn't good in 2008 either and most of the time both PERM centers were closed for business. Chicago was closed in mid year and Atlanta wasn't working from late 2007 till early 2009.

    So the number of PERM approvals would be very low. Assuming CIS cleared most of the I140 backlog as they indicated, their I485 numbers should include the recent ROW approvals as they become real backlog applications (backlogged by CIS processing not by visa numbers)

    I am still waiting for the 2009 DOL and State report to validate this information.


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  • kkartikeya
    09-19 03:30 PM
    just FYI..sanjose rally which i also attended and flower campaign( IV members and supporters) was the main and only reason why government change the july visa bulletin by accepting application till august 17th.Luckily i was able to file in that period. I got my reciepts but still waiting for finger printing notice and all and I know if we will not do anything final GC will take another 10 please keep doing this and participating when you can and hats off immigration voice

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  • prout02
    08-17 10:27 PM
    After I heard from the Infopass IO that my case is all set and it is sitting in the NSC examination room, I have been trying my best to get my file to the attention of an IO at NSC. This is what I have done till now. Don't know if this would work. If not, what the heck?

    1. Wrote to my state's senators
    2. Wrote to Ombudsman
    3. Wrote to my Congressman
    4. Wrote to the President
    5. Have opened a SR
    6. My attorney is taking an Infopass appointment to see why it is stuck.

    We 2004 guys are really out of luck. First BEC, then all these LC substitutions, July 2nd fiasco, and now this. Can't believe we got screwed in all the steps.


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  • gapala
    02-21 09:56 AM
    It was in sept 07.

    Thanks Sheela. Was that visit to home, a part of your employer audit as well as it was mentioned by bujjigadu123 or something else?
    Not sure whether you got a chance to ask the officer about the reason for this visit? Was it a part of random check or any investigation on fund transfers or any other program etc?

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  • pmb76
    02-12 05:05 PM
    Hi all,

    Mine is a different situation, i was with my employer till mid of last year and did not inform him while leaving his company and joined another job (h1 transfer) he is now saying that the vendor did not pay him some money and i have to pay that amount and he is demanding that amount for my W-2.

    He also said that he would take legal action if i didnot pay his losses ( i did not sign any document with him other than my h1b papers) no agreements,

    I am going to call IRS after feb15, but is he going to go to court?

    Please suggest me.


    Dude, I think you shouldn't worry about this. The contract was between the consulting company and the client. If the client doesn't pay what is your fault ? You don't control the client. I don't think he has any case against you. He might have a case against the client for not paying the dues for services rendered but that is their problem , not yours.

    These desi consulting firms are so friggin shortsighted and pennypinchers. They need to be taught a lesson. I really wish that they come up with some immigration reform bill where one of the items is to prevent exploitation of employees hired by these desi firms.


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  • morchu
    11-03 02:09 PM
    I think most of EB3I and EB2I are missing one point.
    EB3I didn't loose anything by the change in spillover policy few years back.
    It is EB3-world who lost. Obviously EB2I and EB2C was on the gainers side.

    EarlierSpillover EB1row->EB2row->EB3row->EB1I/C->EB2I/C->EB3I/C
    CurrentSpillover EB1row->EB1I/C->EB2row->EB2I/C->EB3row->EB3I/C

    (or to be more precise, it is currently EB1->EB2->EB3 since spill overs are not considering country based limitations)

    Either way EB3I was last in the que. So nothing changed for EB3I or EB3C.
    EB2I or EB2C on the other hand moved ahead of EB3row, that is very noticeable.

    EB1I/C also moved ahead of EB2row, by this is not that noticeable, since all these categories were close to "current" either way.

    In summary, you change the spillover whatever way.... EB3I is always going to be at the end of the line, least benefiting from any spill over.


    I hope once DOS decides to change the spillover and give the extra visas to Eb3 (whoever ROW , India....). The ensuing discussions from from the self glorified EB2 crowd here would make for an entertaining reading. I would like to see how much they enjoy the predictions after that.

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  • geevikram
    11-25 04:18 PM
    Thank you so much guys for the report.


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  • sravani
    05-22 03:27 PM
    We should get an amendment to make all H1Bs illegal. so we can easily qualify for this Z visa.

    Lol, Agree with this. We need to include this amendment in the agenda :D

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  • Slave_2k
    11-30 11:33 PM
    Hi Pappu!

    First of all... a big thank you for all the time you have spent to come up with such an excellent analysis of the data available in the public domain. Your effort and the effort of the senior members is like leading a freedom struggle. If you guys were born in India before 1947, I am sure you would have been one of the well known freedom fighters.

    Anyway.... I have a small clarification. It'll be great if you could take that issue up with the USCIS contacts you guys have.

    If you see from that inventory document, there are entries in the year 2008 and 2009 for I-485 backlog. The Visa Bullettin fiasco happend in July 2007. After that for EB-3 India the date was never current. It has retrogressed consistently since then. How was it possible even for one EB-3 India application to be filed in the years 2008 and 2009? or for that matter anytime after Aug-2007?

    Can you please try to get the answer for that?

    GO IV!!

    - Modern SLAVE


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  • mbawa2574
    07-06 06:27 PM
    Bummer !!!!!

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  • nrk
    10-27 05:05 PM
    Thanks, I have an info pass appointment will find out and let you know.

    The service request is usually a waste of time. They will send a generic response to everyone when case is pending w/o visa numbers. I and almost all of my friends received a response that additional information was needed for processing your case and hence additional delay blah blah.. I think this guy just decided to use security message for your responses. I wouldn't worry about it. If you want to really check this, you can definitely make an appointment at local office and talk to the IO there. But it was even a bigger waste of time in my case. The IO at local office looked at his system/systems and told me that if it is a green card application its faster(just another month or so) and if it is a h visa there is a few month delay:confused: Go figure..


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  • bigticket
    08-23 09:45 AM
    By law Employer is required to pay for your labor. You cannot pay for your labor application. Employer can ask you to pay for your I140 which cost around 400 but if you go for premium processing you can pay 1000 extra. There is no other cost involved. To port your date your lawyer sends a letter to USCIS requesting them to consider your EB2 I140 instead of your Eb3 140 which results in your successfuly porting with your priority date still being maintained from old labor

    I am in May 2003 EB3I boat. My employer is now trying to file my case in EB2. I have a master degree and 5 yrs experience prior to my EB3 filing in May 2003. The questions is regarding what to file and cost.

    Do we need to file 1. PERM 2. I140 3. I485 all over again ? If so here are the fee for each step 1. 2750 2. 475 (1250) 3. 1010 each(2000 for applicant and spouse. The ones in () are legal fees. Is this sound reasonable ?

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  • Libra
    07-08 11:19 AM
    NBC news is old one on youtube and i rated 5 stars, but i think green card(other one) is new and awesome. rated 5 stars.

    I loved it. If I am right, this is posted by an IV core team member.

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  • ponnuswamyp
    10-19 01:22 PM
    eFiled on 07/28 at NSC
    Soft LUD on 08/30 after sending support docs.
    No Approval yet.

    Status changed today - Card/ Document Production

    07-04 03:02 PM tin ring_Immigration_Lawyer/who is read by hundreds of thousands of web users and there is high chance of getting picked by main stream media.

    Note that you ll have to signup as member to rate it - it ll just take 30 secs of your time.

    12-04 03:54 PM

    Found this news clipping on an Indian newspaper Today. Below is the Link to the news Article and what it says.It's naive to conclude its gonna happen overnight but the issue of getting back our Social security is catching up!!

    New Delhi, Dec. 4: India and the United States will discuss the issue of a totalisation agreement next week to allow Indians working in America to avail of social security benefits that they pay while working in the United States. Visiting US secretary, US under-secretary for international trade, Franklin L. Lavin said, United States and India are trying to reach a closure on the matter and the United States will be taking up the matter next week.

    Speaking at a function, held in the capital on Monday by the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), Mr Lavin, who is heading the largest-ever US delegation to India of 250 companies, also revealed that the United States has approved the opening of a consulate in Hyderabad to encourage business with the State.

    Noting that the US was looking at various ways to make business with India easier, Mr Lavin said, the idea was to have an independent economic relation. �We have consistently said that companies have to be serious about doing business with India on a standalone basis. It is not a question of whether to invest in India or Brazil or China, but a necessity. We want to make it easier to do business with India,� Mr Lavin said.

    On the Doha round of talks of the World Trade Organisation, Mr Lavin said, �We can expect an outcome if Brussels, New Delhi and we, each show our willingness to take things forward.� He also said that several initiatives have resulted in greater Indo-US business cooperation.

    These include the Open Skies Agreement in civil aviation, as a result of which passenger traffic has increased 60 per cent in the last one year, reduction of tariffs on industrial goods, a raise in investment caps in retail by India and efforts to liberalise entry of foreign education institutes. Mr Lavin, however, pointed out that there are a number of challenges facing India-US business ties.

    Link: late%20soon

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