Thursday, June 23, 2011

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  • pappu
    05-08 08:01 AM
    As our members get greencards, we are happy for them and wish them good luck for future. Please continue to support Immigrationvoice and visit this site to help others waiting in line. If there are sufficient greencard holder members, we can even take up issues confronting greencard applicants in future.

    This thread is to start a discussion and hear experiences from members who have received their greencard. Please write �

    - How has greencard changed your life after receiving it?
    - What did you do on the day you received it?
    - How did the long wait upset your life?
    - How did immigrationvoice help you during this long wait?
    - Would you like to continue your support to immigration voice and help others waiting?
    - Any advice for everyone?

    Once anyone received his greencard, please update the IV tracker too. We like to see how many members in IV are greencard holders and what is the current trend of approvals in our membership

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  • srikondoji
    07-10 08:01 AM
    In my opinion, we should not spend any resources on this guy and or to oppose who oppose our views.
    We should stick to getting our goals achieved instead of fighting those who are fighting us.

    Dear IV Core - our next media effort must be to expose the lies that Lou Dobbs creates to spread hatred.

    Believe me, it is people like Lou Dobbs who are playing these dirty games.

    We must take excerpts frrm his interviews and expose all his lies.

    What do you all think?

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  • dummgelauft
    11-03 12:32 PM
    I actually stopped crying about it but I definitely think USCIS should send us Candy coupons to make up for the wait. :p

    En tout pays, il y a une lieue de mauvais chemin....Nous devons Le mieux est l'ennemi de bien.

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  • onemorecame
    01-04 11:53 AM
    In India religious minorities have the rights to their own personal laws. I believe the Muslim personal law allows Muslims in India to have more than 1 wife.

    Yes you are right


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  • kshitijnt
    05-02 01:10 AM
    Here are details of my interview:

    VO: what do you do?
    I: Software engineer.
    VO: How many employees in your company?
    I: 20-25
    VO: I see your english is not good. How will you be able to do your job?
    I: You are the first person to tell me in last 4 years that I cant do my job due to poor english.
    [At this point I was ticked off]
    VO: How long did you work for last employer?
    I: 18 months
    VO: How many employees in previous company?
    I: 150
    VO: How many Indians?
    I: I dont know. Ask the employer.
    VO: Is this company owned by Indians?
    I: I dont ask my boss his citizenship status.
    VO: Have you worked with them before?
    I: Yes, I am here just to revalidate my visa.
    VO: Why you are working for a small company?
    I: My preference.
    VO: How much salary do you earn?
    I: XYZ USD per annum.
    VO: Thank you very much sir, your visa is approved.

    Didnt bother to thank her, just turned my back and walked away. Visa came by mail.

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  • ita
    05-29 09:27 PM
    Just voted.Thank you


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  • qualified_trash
    12-13 04:05 PM
    It is not that i have full basket of apples now... my previous 2-employers promised me to start labor...but they did not do it..even i sent my docs 2-times to the previous employer ..but they gave lie assurances & very i have lost my 2.5 years just waiting on their promises...& nothing got.

    Finally, I made up my mind ...either to get it on fast track OR leave this option... forever.

    I don't see anything wrong in the previous person already left that labor unused... & employer needs those skills..which he found in me.
    I would advise you to not worry about the naysayers on this thread!!

    to each his own and as long as the lawyer signs off on it and you are convinced that the company is genuine, go for it.

    for pete:
    it is easy for you to pontificate. all things (salary + benefits + job satisfaction) being equal, if you got an offer from another hospital/university with an older LC that would allow you to file for your 485 on Monday, WOULD you not take it?

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  • sayantan76
    05-10 12:33 PM
    There is something seriously wrong gets red dots for even simply truthfully recording answers to some questions asked by administrator......or are the red dots simply to protest/ express displeasure with the fact that my GC process was not as difficult as some other people.......its like "misery likes company" - i am miserable bcos i dont have a GC and hence am pissed off at this guy who despite not being crazy about GC got his in 7 i will give him red dots..............

    Guys - get over it.........look at the general tone of posts from all on this particular thread - GC did not make any "big" change to most folks.......

    For the more rational beings - i genuinely hope that you get your gcs within reasonable wait times and the waiting time does not take away from the personal and professional successes you deserve!


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  • gcwait_07
    11-04 03:01 PM
    I would think coming from MI, a state that has one of the highest unemployment, and the relief that the auto industry got - it continues to exist because of those liberal fiscal policies.

    Besides, his being liberal fiscally/socially has nothing to do with our issues. He is probably the best ally for our issue in the democratic circle...

    Cannot agree more, I find it idiotic we blaming someone because they are liberal in something. Most of us come from a country where 90% of the time "corrupt" is the only way we can define politicians. Listening to talking heads on TV shows and parroting the same crap sounds stupid. The environment right now is not conductive to any kind of immigration bill unless done in very absolute secret. This is a lame duck session,no one knows what will happen after 2 years.

    Someone was talking about distinguishing between illegal and legal, yes but once they start digging in deeper we have the dreaded "H1B". Hopefully the economy continues to improve ,due to so-called liberal policies, and we have better job market and public sentiment improves. Don't know if IV has any strategic plan for this time frame.

    BTW, Someone blaming a president for being liberal socially when they are the smallest minority in the country is absolutely stupidly mind boggling!!!

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  • wizpal
    03-22 11:40 AM
    I am in DALLAS(TX) area. Anyone ready to team up with me to go and meet local congressmen and senators.

    send me a PM or respond back. Update your contact info as well.

    ---everything u do in life seems unimportant at that time, but it is very important that u do it always.
    Mahatma Gandhi


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  • ramus
    08-31 05:27 PM
    1 min. stuck in the backlog... How many wants to come to DC... may be 1000???

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  • rameshvaid
    06-17 11:36 AM
    Thanks for your support...Please post the link to that thread or your full story here. It would very helpful...


    Here is the link..a PAINFUL ONE..




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  • rajuram
    01-05 10:11 PM
    In several responses people have compared MBA and PMP, I don't these two are comparable. Any thoughts?

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  • alex77
    06-18 07:47 PM
    Here you go...

    Here is some thing i got through googling, though a poor choice but worth to post (

    As i remember , i read a north indian chap 15 years of experience and has phd, stuck in chennai or mumbai on security check, trying to find the article.


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  • alterego
    12-04 08:14 PM
    this sounds more like, "Ok so you say the glass is half full, why is that great now?"

    It is a feel good factor; you still want to be cynical, go right ahead, no one can take that away from you.

    You call it cynical. I call it realistic my friend. If it makes you "feel good" and thats why you support the idea then fine. However the thread was started stating this is somehow good for our money. I am not convinced.

    My point is, firstly this is a far way from fruition, and even if it happens there will be a queue of gov't bureaucrats lining up and licking their chops to meddle with it. Furthermore the leftist parties there will ensure that every socialist policy in the books will be applied to your so called retirement funds. A steady revenue stream of that magnitude will not be left in peace. That much I can assure you.

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  • H1bslave
    09-21 04:03 PM
    that sounds so cool. wish it will do something better for us.


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  • for_gc
    08-01 10:31 PM
    Very helpful info about AC21 on Murthy's website:

    I just googled and this came as the first link.

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  • matreen
    08-15 04:34 PM
    In the letter from the new employer include the following (start date, title, job description, salary and position type):

    This letter is to verify that Mr. Cool Dude (SSN: ) has been employed by our company as a full-time employee. He has been working with us since Oct 32, 1666 as a Full Time Gamer.

    Mr. Dude's primary job duties include:

    Put Bulletized description here

    Mr. Dude is compensated with an annual salary of $xxx,xxx. The postion is for permanent at will employment and we have continued interest in employing Mr. Dude.

    I trust that this letter would assist Mr. and Mrs. Dude in adjusting their status to a permanent resident as soon as possible. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.


    Joe Employer

    As far as docs are concerned add the following with the EVL:

    Your covering letter
    AC21 Yates Memo
    3 latest paystubs
    I-485 receipt

    that would be it ;)

    You're the best Dude! Thanks for giving some fuel, I gain some confident by seeing your cae otherwise I was kind of nervese by seeing other threads.

    Cool - Good Job dude. Thanks gain....


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  • vkraman7
    02-12 05:09 PM
    First thing is that your employer most likely will not send you a legal notice, as it would cause significant time and money for his already depleted financial resources. Even if he does, if such a legal notice is in an email, just ignore it. DO NOT RESPOND.
    If it is in your regular mail/UPS/FED EX/Certified mail (most likely), you should consult your new company's attorney and seek legal help. In any case, as long as you have all your eggs in order, you will be fine.

    May God be with (and only with) your good intentions.

    10-30 12:39 PM
    Just came back from Info pass appointment.

    The officer told me that they haven't seen any thing wrong in the system.
    Further he told in both of our cases the back ground check is completed and cases are "pre-adjudicated" (i don't know what does it mean)

    Then i have asked him why the letter says "not admissible under the current law"

    He said, there might be a very minor details the officer needs to clarify or send it to his superior for review. Further more he said he does not have the physical file in his hand right now if you want i will request for the file and look into that. I asked him what do you suggest on this, he said wait for some more time as i don't see any problems in your case. If i order the file your case will be taken out for nearly two months from the queue.

    05-29 11:21 PM

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