Thursday, June 16, 2011

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  • beppenyc
    03-16 03:18 PM
    I tend to agree too that nothing will happen, too much talking, too much BS, but, I can only hope that the republicans know that they can loose the house control, so, maybe they will prefer to have something more conservative than nothing.

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  • roseball
    08-23 03:54 PM
    Suppose I have an approved I-140 in EB3, and I ask my employer to port to EB2, and the EB2 i-140 gets denied. Does it result in losing my PD?

    AFAIK, you do not lose your PD.

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  • A Sandusky police officer was

  • RandyK
    06-10 10:36 PM
    Can anyone care to take a guess at this please. Especially seniors who are pretty familier with the backlog.

    What I am trying to figure out is if the current backlogged cases for Indians are about 120K, how many could be there for China/Mex/Phil?

    Could it be as high as 70K? or less?

    I would appreciate someone taking crack at this.

    My blind guess is about 50K. Leaving EB3 ROW with a backlog of 30K.

    If China and Mexico and Philippines backlog is like 60 or 70K that means ROW will be current by the end of the next fiscal year.

    This would result in over flow of the excess to retrogressed countries.

    Can someone try to breakdown the 220K backlog per Mr. O, please.

    According to Mr. O.

    India = 120K
    China = ?
    Mexico = ?
    Philippine = ?
    ROW = ?


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  • newuser
    03-22 08:34 PM
    Anyone interested in meeting the lawmakers around Philadelphia, please respond or send a PM..


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  • vbkris77
    11-30 10:46 PM
    If Ron were to look at the state dept. allocation for S. Korea in 2008, they got most of 7% in EB. The number was close to 25K.

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  • pady
    08-20 04:01 PM
    I guess this link is for H1 violation.

    I knew that this is against the law to pay for GC expenses, but as you guys know we are all in the same boat. There is nothing I can do except to fight.


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  • akhilmahajan
    07-10 10:25 AM
    There has to be some other way. LOU DOBB is not the only program for CNN which gets them ratings.

    I guess we need to explore ways.

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  • nonimmi
    05-15 12:15 PM
    I know many people working here in my city who are from TCS. TCS blatantly breaks rules and sends these people on L1 visas while paying them an Indian salary and a minimal per diem for their time in the U.S. They don't even get enough for renting a car and I see many of these poor guys walking from their apartment blocks to the office. It's good exercise (for one's physical health) but the intent of the company is exploitation and nothing else :mad:

    In addition, I notice that many of these recruits are here not for long term jobs but for gaining enough knowledge so that those jobs can be outsourced back to the home country. That has started to make many of my American colleagues really mad. But it's the fault of the company, not these poor guys who don't have seem to have a clue what a bad deal it is until they arrive here.

    Sad to say, Wipro, Infosys and the rest in their flock are no better.

    Indian IT companies are responsible indeed. They are responsible creating this whole H1B mess, they keep bringing people in "dirt cheap" rate when economy is bad and people here are laidoff for "cost-cutting". I've this experience during 2001-2002 when some of these Indian companies were paying $15-20. Can you imagine?? But they are not alone in this game! Their clients like - GE, Merrill, Morgan etc. all goto them for cheap labor and promote this. They squeze as far as possible in terms of rate. Also part of their savings must be going to guys supposed to monitor the law. It is a big ecosystem where no one is "blind". All enjoy their share for sometime and suddenly wake-up one day when their "profit-sharing" calculations go wrong!!

    I've seen so many TCS workers with L1 are consuming jobs which otherwise be done by either US workers or people from other part of the world came here with proper H1 and HOPE to succeed and make it big here!! They come here because they were needed by BIG US companies to get "cheap labor" and deceive their "GREAT" country.


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  • sugaur
    02-27 04:45 PM
    You are unlikely to find any sympathy here, this forum is for LEGAL immigrants. Take your sob story to LaRaza or ACLU.

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  • jchan
    11-30 04:55 PM
    A way to estimate ROW 485 applications

    Since ROW 485's are approved rather quickly, the small number of pending cases from the USCIS report does not reflect the whole picture how many ROW 485's are submitted each year. However, we may be able to estimate like this:

    First find out the average processing time of ROW 485, then we know the pending number from USCIS report is the cases submitted for the length of the processing time. For example, if the processing time is 3 months, and there are 7000 cases for ROW pending, then we know there are 7000 ROW 485 submitted in 3 months. Then the full year demand is 28000. Maybe the report can be revised with these information to get a better estimate on the spillover?


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  • amitga
    12-28 09:23 PM
    Can somebody tell in simpe words.

    Is the country quota is still soft quota or it is now rigid 7% irrespective of the fact that visa numbers of other countries are unused.

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  • hiralal
    05-06 07:18 AM
    Shiller is smart but I think he is confusing the word 'Immigrant' with the word 'stupid'.

    I am an immigrant and why should I buy an unaffordable over priced house which no American is willing to buy?
    he is smart but his idea was stupid ..why will they allow anyone to come to US and give him GC on the first day just because he purchased a house ??
    also the reality has changed somewhat as US loses its charm somewhat ..and as other countries become better ..many will not come and buy a house.
    maybe we should have a campaign (or should have had a campaign) telling shiller that forget newcomers ..there are million of well to do immigrants in US who would buy a house EVENTUALLY if their GC's were to be processed faster !!


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  • Marphad
    11-30 03:40 PM
    Immigrationvoice team has been working on the publicly available USCIS data since its release on USCIS website and we have been discussing this data with top USCIS officials to clear doubts.

    Immigration Voice is releasing the analysis of the information for the community. You can view the report at

    We are putting together a list of recommendations about this data for our next meeting with USCIS. If you have suggestions, do post on the thread. We would also be updating this report on regular basis as the data is updated on USCIS site and numbers change due to approvals/pre-adjudications/field office data/ CP and spillovers. The visa bulletin movement will also be compared against the report and checked with USCIS and DOS.

    Team IV

    Note: Please read the entire document rather than just basing your judgment on the graph and the visa bulletin charts. There are several caveats and limitations of this data.

    We feel this is a one step ahead of the IV prediction tool published by IV in the past. We will continue to refine the analysis as we receive information from DOS and USCIS through our advocacy efforts.

    Thanks, good job!

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  • 485Mbe4001
    06-10 01:16 PM
    BTW, can you call and ask if you case is preadjudicated. In our case my #@$@ lawyer refuses call USCIS or allow us to initiate an SR (one of the reasons why we had no idea that we were stuck in namecheck)

    ALIA post doesnt help India and China EB3's (i am EB3 too). Assuming that 50% of the people who pre adjudicated are from India with a 50-50 split between eb 2 &3. We cannot expect any movement because we have ~25k EB3's ready for approval with only 3-4k visas. Eb2's (I)could be in a slightly better situation by July '10 because of spillover from unused EB1's and EB2's. I am guessing that 12-15k EB 2's will benefit. The only sliver lining is that ROW's who had visa's available but were stuck due to processing delays will be relieved from the pain.

    As per this everyone who got pre-adjudicated would be receiving their GC in FY2010. But, there are people from EB3I with PD as late as 2007 who got RFEs recently and got their cases pre-adjudicated( I am one of them even though my PD is March 2003 and when I called up NSC, they said my case was pre-adjudicated and waiting for a Visa number ).
    With EB3I staying at 1 Nov 2001 when the new FY2010 quota starts in October doesnt match to what Ron Gotcher says.
    Anyone have any opinion?


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  • Raju
    07-06 03:44 PM

    Who understands the word Gandhigiri. Stop stuff like this :mad:

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  • himu73
    07-19 03:30 PM
    Show that this is an Emergency situation and try to get it preponed from US Embassy. They will consider the request.

    No she cant becuase her visa appointment is on Aug 13.


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  • sledge_hammer
    02-27 05:27 PM
    Define "unprofessional" and how it applies to the replies here?

    In what part of the world is standing up against drug peddlers and traffickers is limited to "personal" interpretations of moral? Drug laws are not intended to satisfy some lawmakers personal morals, but it is there because selling drugs is illegal regardless of what yours, mine or anyone else's personal moral fabric is.

    We are not talking here about the idea of sex before marriage, , drinking, or other values that are left to the individual's personal moral beliefs. We are not talking about that here. We are discussion DRUGS in case you were not paying attention.

    Maybe you should put down that bong you've been smoking when you typed that so that you can focus on the topic at hand

    With your history of getting rammed here i would avoid saying that if i was you,

    I agree with making it clear that we ( the forum members) condone actions breaking the law but there is a difference between telling the same to a person in a professional manner as against shoving our personal moralistic BS in their face.

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  • gc_on_demand
    05-19 10:16 AM
    Please submit ur answer at this thread.

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  • jsb
    01-14 11:01 AM
    Tired of waiting ( PD: August 2001) I finally wrote to both my local congressman and Senator today. My senator is on senate Immigration commitee so lets see what happens. Hopefully something will move.
    If this doesnt help I will try Ombudsman next after couple of months. The Ombudsman form has a question of if you have tried through Congressman etc first so we can try and see that.

    Guys its so funny when you see ppl with PD of 2003 and 2005 complaining and bitching. Here we have waited 7 + yrs our PD's are current and we are doing OK. Wait sure brings maturity :)

    USCIS does not process cases in PD order, because they can't. Thousands of files they receive, are sequenced in order they receive them at Centers. They claim that cases are processed in order they receive them. "Receive Date" is not what you see on your receipt, it is the date they physically received the case on (thus if case is moved from one center to another, true Receive Date is the date it was recieved by the last center). You see this data online status as "...we received (or transferred) your case on ...".

    PD critieria is limited to certain countries only. Therefore, by and large, "cases are processed in order they are received..." works well. However, for India, China etc. where PD cutoff has to be factored, it is used merely to decide to work or skip a file (when seen in the receive date order). If PD cutoff date is very restricted, they will have to skip a lot of cases, which slows them down. That's the reason every July they ask for wider PD cutoff dates so that they can consume a lot of visas, as they don't have to skip that many cases.

    This process is a mockery of the PD cutoff dates, but that's how it works. If you sent your case on June 28, 07, with July 2, 07 as the printed Receive Data on your receipt, but the case where it finally rested, was entered in their database on Oct. 28, '07 (with a Notice Date soon thereafter), you case will not be looked at, no matter what the PD cutoff date is, unless all cases received before Oct. 28, '07 have been reviewed.

    01-31 10:21 AM
    If they're asking for 150% more money, is the service going to be 150% better too??? Are we going to get our forms processed 150% faster too??

    Since USCIS calls itself a "customer-focussed" organization, I certainly hope so...
    I agree that retrogression problem has nothing to do with this and increasing 150% fees will not process your application 150 times faster. But atleast when we are eligible to file 485, this could take a less time than it does takes right now. Even a one month earlier processing could be very helpful. Quality of service is directly dependent on the resources available and that is dependent on the funds.

    I believe this will process the pending application faster than currently it takes.

    07-27 03:03 PM
    Guys, don't take ownership and don't judge what other can do or can't do.
    It is their discretion to call or not to call. They called and they are passing information.
    Here everybody is showing bossism for nothing.
    Can someone explain to me, why should we call USCIS and inquire about receipt notices just weeks after filing AOS application when USCIS clearly states that it takes 30 days to process a receipt. Can we at least respect that piece of information and wait for 30 days before calling?

    Did I get that 30 day receipt processing period wrong?

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