Sunday, June 26, 2011

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  • conchshell
    08-06 11:12 AM
    But consider this: I just posted this in the approval thread:

    Looking at the overall approval trend in IV, , Murthy forum etc it is clear to me that FIFO is out of the door and in most likelihood low hanging fruit is being plucked from the tree. At the next Ombudsman call I am going to raise the issue of USCIS's declared commitment to FIFO but actions that seem completely contrary to it.

    Obviously anonymous postings in open forums cannot be presented as evidence but one can certainly request the Ombudsman's office to ask for monthly 485 approval statistics and the cat will be out of the bag. By the time the wheels of Goverment bureaucracy move it might be a month or two before this data is made available to the Ombudsman's Office; forget the applicants - that will be like asking for the moon.

    Regardless of whether I get approved or not in the next month or two; from a process perspective a monthly approval report going from the USCIS to the Ombudsman's Office each month should hopefully force them to stop this stonewalling and walk the talk.

    This will not only help EB2s down the line but spare a thought for next year when EB2 is current, EB3 has a cut off of June 1, 2006 and we start seeing May 2006 EB3 approvals when 2001/02 EB3s are still pending. Again I welcome suggestions but the focus of my effort is going to be the approval process rather than a personal case or two.

    Good idea delax. I support this action.

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  • howzatt
    07-19 02:32 PM
    Please cite the source for the claim that an applicant has some sort of a choice about the skin test. I disagree with your claim for the following three reasons.

    (1) See instructions to form I-693 (the medical form): "Applicants two years old or older will be required to have a tuberculin skin test."

    (2) Also, while this next link is less authoritative than USCIS's link above, see this page on murthy: (dated mid May)

    (3) Note also the USCIS memo (dated April) that went into effect by mid June:
    This states that, unlike earlier, petitions filed without initial evidence are more likely to be rejected than to be RFE-ed. (See towards end of first page). "To avoid denial, USCIS urges applicants and petitioners to file complete
    applications with all of the required initial evidence. The initial evidence for each application and petition type is clearly listed on the form instructions and in the regulations."

    As always, please read the instructions to the forms. Most questions will have answers there.

    And if the original poster found any of the answers in this thread useful, consider contributing to IV.

    Thanks Anai for providing the confirmation!

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  • kaisersose
    08-24 10:55 AM
    Can you vote as a GC applicant or even a permanent resident? NO

    You would think you could influence the Americans to support your cause and vote accordingly in the elections. FORGET IT!! Let alone the 2nd, 3rd, 4th.......17th generation American citizens, even the recently naturalized immigrants don't give a crap about us immigrants. The media and the politicians just have a field time with the immigrants (both legal and illegal) and some ignorant and dumb Americans (who don't usually vote) who get easily carried away by the emotions played both for and against immigration.

    The serious voters (this has been established by several polls) however, are quite aware that immigrants are not given relief and naturalized overnight and are obviously confident that it could take around 20 years for any immigrant to get naturalized. The issues for these serious voters are: Iraq war, economy (the dwindling housing market?), globalization, gay marriage, abortion, and imports from China.

    I wish good luck for IV and all those participating at the DC rally. NO, I can't make it, I am sorry.

    A very pessimistic and inaccurate outlook.

    If this was indeed true, there would have been no Ac21 act back in 2000. No PERM system would have been created to replace the cranky RIR system. The July 2007 visa bulletin would not have been reversed. Just look back at the last 10 years and see how many changes have happened in the system. Believe me, if apathy was their attitude, they would not have implemented any of the above and their inaction would not have impacted them in any way.

    Having said that, I must also caution some over-enthusiastic people who believe a walk in DC will solve all their immigration problems. We all certainly hope something will happen, but we should not be distraught if nothing happens. We just need to keep pushing instead of talking on a defeatist attitude due to setting wrong expectations out of one single rally.

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  • walking_dude
    11-21 11:57 PM
    I have talked to IV leadership and they have agreed to hold a rally in March 1st Week, if sufficient numbers indicate willingness to participate.

    So can we please stop blaming IV leaders and start showing them our support by indicating our support?

    We need the IV core team and the administrator to guide some big rally's. Guys nothing will happen until we are bold about our intentions.
    I noticed everyone comes up with their different ideas, but no one works to implement it. We need to stand together and do something big, when was the last time we had a big rally?

    We all have our own problems, life in America is not simple, but in order for us to accomplish something we all need to unite and do something big, the problem is lately IV thinks too much and has less of ACTION


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  • rahulpaper
    11-27 08:00 PM
    Count me in...No FP

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  • heywhat
    05-30 02:04 AM


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  • Hewa
    07-07 07:33 PM
    after watching it, don't forget to rate the youtube clip. :)

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  • EndlessWait
    07-27 01:25 PM
    In that case, we can have third application ready!

    but invalidate the other 2..can they do that?


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  • sathweb
    01-20 01:11 PM
    Sept 21, 2001 still going strong.
    Check the details above.

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  • whoever
    04-14 08:39 AM
    China eb3 may move but not india eb3. there are too many of them. i dont think there will be any cir or things like it passed this year. there is already however several bills writting to resolve but with eb3 world and rest doing just fine, why would the congress want to do something for india. i would be very surprised if they did


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  • leoindiano
    12-18 10:09 AM
    He is dead against H1B. Not sure about Greencards.

    He is a good freind of obama. I just hope he wont be chosen for labor secreatary post which is one of the two those are empty at the moment.

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  • santb1975
    01-11 11:22 AM


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  • xyz2005
    08-22 10:30 AM
    I guess we have to request Greg Siskind to post it on his blog? Usually he is very good in doing that

    Best Regards

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  • diptam
    06-07 12:12 PM
    Hi ,
    I sent i140 papers and money in feb 2007 to my company. in april i went to india and came back in May. in May when i asked the recieved number of i 140 filing to my company then they told me to wait for 2 week and after 2 week when they gave me recpt number, i checked online i saw following message.

    Current Status: Case received and pending.

    On May 16, 2007, we received this I140 IMMIGRANT PETITION FOR ALIEN WORKER, and mailed you a notice describing how we will process your case. ..................

    looks like my company sent paper to USCIS in may not in march or april. is that currect? is the USCIS receipt date is the i140 filing date and gc cut off date if CIR bill passes? please throw some light on this.


    I sent all papers in APRIL but the company lawyers filed LATE and USCIS gave the receive date as MAY 16th.... (They might have mailed May 13th or 14th and kept on bluffing ... )

    If May 15th is the cut off date - guys like you and me are the worst sufferers... But who knows if the MBS will turnout to be better than the Old system ??

    If this BILL becomes LAW we have to apply in MBS immediatly so that we do not get BACKLOGGED there too ....


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  • saimrathi
    07-06 03:10 PM
    Please close this thread.. Info has been posted elsewhere already

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  • bigticket
    08-23 11:10 AM
    Your employer will have to file a PERM and I-140 and once I-140 is approved in EB-2 with earlier EB-3 PD, request USCIS to adjudicate your pending I-1485 using the newly approved EB-2 I-140. No need to file another I-485 if you already have one pending.

    Regarding the fee, there is no filing fee for PERM. All the costs are related to advertising and lawyer fee. I have no idea how much the fee for the whole process is or what attorney's charge as I have never paid anything for any of my immigration process so far (11 yrs in US). Technically, you are not supposed to pay anything, only employer should pick up the fee. You can pay the premium processing fee wherever applicable.

    Thanks for your detailed reply. Till now I have not paid for anything for my GC. I have been here since last 12 yrs. My employer is picking up the cost for PERM and I140, as you said I may pay for premium processing for 140 if I opt it that way. My concern is, he said we need to file I485 also as my old 485 is in old format (paying for EAD renewal and AP), not sure about that.

    So we do not need to file a new I485 if EB3's 485 is pending ? After I140 is approved under EB2, we just need to request USCIS to look at this new application with old PD to approve EB3 485 ?


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  • laborday
    07-17 10:36 AM
    I also can't see the updated processing time for TSC

    Can you tell me the processing time for i140 Skilled and professional worker
    I-140 Immigrant Petition for Alien Worker Skilled worker or professional January 13, 2007

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  • xyzgc
    10-22 06:25 PM

    There are two issues that I have posted on this thread.

    1. Interpretation/understanding a post.
    2. RED DOT issue ( this is not my priority) . If you read the post keenly.

    You, .. your self have made a mistake in Interpretating / understanding the post and reacted overly on the second issue by cornering the actual post.

    Do you call this as a Interpretation issue?. Did you get what am I saying. First , read and understand what others meant to be. Don't JUMP on it.

    If IV cannot fix this RED DOT issue, how could some one believe in IV would fight for FIXING broken immigration system?.

    Perspective is not always matters, there are times .... some thing else matter too. Which is called "Self Respect"

    When few people are spending time and knowledge on sharing their thoughts/ideas, how good it would to use F***words against them?.

    There are many BAD words ... that some members have used against of my friends. Who no more wanted to participate in IV?.

    Did you get what am I saying?

    Dude, even I agree that this dot system is misused like lot of facilities we misuse. But pls don't highlight something really trivial in red...I nearly went blind, what has IV's dot system got to do with fixing the immigration system? Take it easy, bro. Btw, if some one has given you reds for no reason at all, let me know. I'll fix it the best I can by giving you a green. no issues there but highlighting in red looks scary, particularly with your font size.

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  • GCBy3000
    07-27 04:41 PM
    I am not sure about how many cheques and the amounts on it since everything is done by my company attorney. However, last week we had a chineese guy here in this forum who got this 485 back and one of his cheque was encashed. Also the reason for the return is the non-availability of VISA numbers. He will send it back again, but my point is the clearance of single cheque is not the indication of acceptance of you app.

    They've already said to give them until Aug 1st for June filers. Then they will focus on July filers. Simple as that. If your checks aren't cashed by Aug 1/2 for a June filer, then perhaps you have reason to call. If your checks are cashed, then YOU'RE IN, no need to call. Whatever you need is in the mail. If you don't get it by frst week of august, then call.

    10-31 12:22 AM
    Applied for EAD on Aug 30th, Receipt notice was on Sep 3rd and Got email yesterday saying card production ordered. Nebraska Service center.

    Now waiting for AP to be approved. Applied on Aug 30th. Receipt notice on 3rd Sep, LUD on 10th Sep.. Texas service center. Thinking it should not be long.

    08-06 10:04 PM
    If you read the comments, this guy's application reached the USCIS on July 27.

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