Sunday, June 26, 2011

isuzu dmax interior

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  • p1234
    10-05 11:44 PM

    Just a small glitch in your case.. when USCIS approves a case it automatically rejects any other pending application for 485.. infact it is a prerequisite for the AO to check this before the application can be approved. Surprised that in your case it did not happen.

    BTW you did mention that your dependents got approved on your EB2 application and your got on EB1.. seems like USCIS went out of the way to accommodate and change the process in your case...well seems like you might end up getting naturalized in another month of so.. Lucky you...

    after he gets naturalized, he will withdraw his gc and donate the proceeds to IV:D

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  • moonrah
    10-23 02:46 PM
    Be proactive and do it ASAP.

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  • indyanguy
    01-28 09:10 AM
    Here's a brief background:

    1. Have EB3 from this company as a Software Engineer 15-1031
    2. Have a MS + 3 years PRIOR to joining this company
    3. Plan NOT to use experience gained from the current company for EB2

    Can someone please help me with which approach will have the highest probability of success with PERM?

    1. What title should I use? Since I already have a Software Engineer as EB3, should I be using an Software Analyst title? Which one has better chances of success?

    2. What experience should I use? Should it be MS + 1 OR MS + 2 OR MS + 2 with alternative BS + 5? My understanding is that once we add BS+5 as alternate, the wage will be pretty high. I make 90k in IL.

    3. Since I am not using experience from current employer, is it okay if the job description is almost the same as the job description for EB3? (I need to provide experience letters from my previous company and there shouldn't be a discrepency with the ones I have submitted for EB3)

    Any help is really really appreciated.

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  • harrydr
    10-05 10:49 AM
    This is really what Obama's advisors should read. Employers cannot find qualified employees to even fill these great job openings (with unemployment rate nearing 10%). America is loosing already and will keep on loosing if immigrant workers do not take up these jobs to keep US competitive.

    Even as layoffs persist, some good jobs go begging - Yahoo! News (


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  • Suva
    07-23 12:22 PM
    R. Mickels

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  • titu1972
    07-23 12:56 PM
    Lincon, NE
    Delivery Date Jul 2,2007 10:25


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  • GCVivek
    01-28 05:57 PM
    Best is to be open about everything. PERM does not depend much on hiding facts to get approved. Ultimately, with newer checks in place, DOL or USCIS can easily find out. Best is to find out if employer needs EB2 person and can pay enough according to SOC code. Based on your qualifications and the above 2 items, you can ask employer to change your title to satisfy requirements for EB2 classification. This way everything is legal and in the open. Once you apply, no stress.....just enjoy life while you wait for GC. :)

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  • vdlrao
    06-06 06:57 PM
    I heard I-140 premium processing has been restarted. Is it true?


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  • GcInLimbo
    02-10 01:34 PM
    The following link from forums might give you some mental relief. As every one else said report to DOL if you were not paid.

    DOL obtains $638,000 in wages and debars a New Jersey Company for one year - Blogs - ImmigrationPortal Forums (

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  • lost_in_migration
    05-25 07:48 AM


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  • corleone
    11-09 10:22 AM
    So my AOS is which of the two: july 23rd (date courier received) or oct 17th (date checks encashed)?

    There is a website called Google. Its amazing in that it is above nationality and responds to every "is which of the two"

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  • hopefulgc
    01-10 03:02 PM
    good idea

    Hi ALL,

    Here is idea. It can happen to you next week, sorry, but its possible.

    Lets say you lost your job next Friday (usually Fridays right). And getting your next job will take you another 6 months, if lucky.
    What will you do. Will you start pressing a panic button to push for reducing EB2/3 backlogs. Will you write to Obama and team then?.

    I know some of us are unfortunate to be in the situation, not me, but who knows??.

    So, can we just imagine to be in such a situation and bring more and more attention to the new goverment. Just act as if you lost your job and in despair.
    Start writing. Dont just dream for the 11th or 13th for VB dates. Lets put some action.
    Sorry if I sound depressing, but lets act before its too late..


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  • sdrk
    07-09 07:34 AM
    Reached on July 2nd, 9.01 AM through FedEx, mailed on June 29th

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  • gssh
    06-13 09:30 AM


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  • Lord Rahl
    01-25 12:21 PM
    <3 AS3 Random Circle with Blend Mode by egoldy
    lava lamp style FTW! :stare:

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  • freedom1
    01-24 12:37 PM
    I turned out to be my I-485 approval notice!

    I just received it yesterday.

    Thanks all.



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  • augustus
    07-15 04:29 PM
    It is sad to know that the majority of the US hates us. If you can't get the bigwigs to cover, little will be known for the real American society. I cannot believe we are treated as somebody who take their jobs away. I have somehow looked at it this way - I become a US visa holder, I become a green card holder, then a I become a US citizen. In many ways, US is gaining new citizens and case in point - "EDUCATED" US CITIZENS out of many visa holders at the moment. So we are a nice catch for them - LONG TERM. I wonder if any American citizen has looked at it that way. Sooner or later, many of us will prefer to become a US Citizen right? I wonder if it is more about the racism factor.

    Well, I may be wrong. But I just wonder often times about the foolishness of the society and government at large.

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  • garybanz
    10-23 06:17 PM
    I'll be in a conference in SFO and can't make it to diwali mela myself, but I'll like to sponsor an Immigration Voice TX t-shirt to who ever donates maximum time to the IV booth*.

    I'll let Needhelp decide who the winner is.

    * Restrictions apply, core team not eligible

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  • santb1975
    08-02 03:01 PM
    I can see a Strong and Active Tennessee Chapter getting built over the next one Year. How can I say that...Well, I have been witnessing all the good work you have been doing from when I became a member of IV

    Thanks Santb1975. Sanju, that's a dangerous proposition... I might kiss you back :).

    Mahatma, welcome aboard. First step is joining the Yahoo group. I look forward to working with you and other IV members from Tennessee.

    Disagreements are the essence of Democracy. I don't mind disagreements. My intention is not to setup an organization with autocratic leadership, but a forum open for discussion and new ideas. We do have to respect the bye-laws of the IV organization and maintain forum etiquette. Other than that I have no issues with anyone disagreeing with me or pointing out where I went wrong. I appreciate such constructive criticism which is accompanied by participation.

    03-14 09:57 AM
    let them work .. now EB2 is current.. we all will get GC slowly

    07-05 09:58 AM
    I am on the similar situation. can i have your email add..


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