Tuesday, June 28, 2011

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  • avi101
    06-21 05:18 AM
    One more :(

    House Plan May Delay Immigration Overhaul

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  • peedith-aathma
    07-23 02:39 AM
    my manager decided that he is going to RIF me in October. I just filed for my AOS and EAD last week. So i would assume my receipt date would be some time in July.
    I already have my I-140 approved with PD of Mar 2004

    Please suggest what do I need to do ?. Since July to October is like 3 -months, I can get an EAD ( atleast Interim ).

    So can I work on this EAD ?. What are the consequences ?. Should I re-start the whole process of Labor / I-140 / I-485 ? with the priority date of the I - 485 ?.

    I am sooo fed up with this whole process already. But I don't want to leave this now. I will get the Green Card, and then take citizenship before I leave this country

    PLease help.....
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  • hiralal
    01-05 05:21 AM
    when situation is urgent - JUST GO !!!! - remember life is short and there is life beyond US too ..also --consult a lawyer ..don't rely on free advice ..most likely you should be o.k. but many out here are on EAD's and H1 rules keep changing.
    my feeling is if you still have valid job (even though you had some unpaid) ..you should be o.k. . but lately there have been horror stories of harrasment ...so in the end prepare for worst and hope for best

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  • reddy_h
    05-26 10:07 AM
    I've found this site to be very helpful so far and would like to ask for some opinions on my case.

    My I-485 (EB2) was submitted in 2007 and the PD is approaching, only 5 days away based on June's VB. My girlfriend is currently with F-1 visa and we are planning on getting married asap so that she can submit her 485 before my case is approved.

    Here's the complete list that I can think of based on the research that I've done.

    Documents that my future wife's need prepare

    I-485 form
    birth certificate
    marriage certificate
    medical exam
    passport pages (I-94 card ect)
    I-20 form
    Two photos

    Documents that I need prepare

    My I-485 receipt

    Wish you everyone good luck.

    Many thanks,

    It is very important to get married before your GC is approved. Even if you are 1 day late, you cannot file I-485 or follow to join. So its better to get married before June 1st to remove any such risk. Good luck!


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  • ravise
    10-06 12:15 PM
    If you are going to apply during april 2010 you will need to wait till oct 2010.

    You will be ideally getting for remaining 2 years. Thats how i got mine.

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  • [uber]
    04-23 05:41 PM
    not an NBA fan or a fan of the font... but nice start!!!


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  • telekinesis
    10-21 04:40 PM
    100% Photoshop

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  • raysaikat
    04-10 03:23 PM
    Hi Every one,

    I'm on OPT right now ,i'm done with my masters in DEC 2007.

    My visa Stamp in my passport was only untill april 2008(I got F1 stamped only for 24 months), now i'm on OPT extension.I applied H1B in 2008 and got RFE my employer could not answer the RFE and revoked my petition.

    I did't apply in 2009 even i have chance to apply(because of the JOB fear ) i got my OPT extension approved ,my OPT extension is going to end in June 2010 , any way i will be applying H1B in 2010.

    My question is if i don't get H1B in 2010 ,my plan i to take CPT and search for jobs ,does it effects my future immigration any way.

    Thanks in advance for every one.

    Hmm ... Are you still enrolled in your school as a student in good standing? AFAIK, you can avail CPT only during your study period, not after it.


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  • imneedy
    05-20 11:27 PM
    Hi all,

    I submitted an application via premium processing for EB-1a with USCIS at the Texas Premium Processing Centre last month (April 2007).

    I received an RFE notification via letter after two weeks listing the requirement of further evidence against 3 out of the 8 criteria I submitted.

    I can submit further evidence - but my question is this ... "Why have they not made mention of the other 5 criteria I submitted" ? Has this failed ? Do they not matter ?. I am quite concerned because they have not made any mention of my other criteria ? Does anyone have any advice.

    Thanks in advance.

    There is a complete black box on the other side and you should be prepared for all 8 in case a query comes. good luck!

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  • transpass
    09-28 01:09 PM
    somewhere in the forum someone was mentioning that PD are no more considered after 485 is filed since u file 485 based on PDs...


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  • arlysanb
    02-15 09:01 PM
    My application for an H1B change of status has been denied. I am an F-1 student from Colombia and I was offered a job from THe CDC at Atlanta. According with the USCIS report, the petition was denied because I am going to be hired for a staffing company and not directly for the CDC. It will be possible to appeal the desicion ? If yes, what will my sponsor company need to be succesful with this appealing ?

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  • sadib888
    05-18 11:53 AM
    What percentage of polymethyl-metacrylate (PMMA) derivative is added in Acrylic?


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  • Pallavi79
    06-11 03:27 AM
    Some where I read that, it is common to get marriage certificate RFE, If you were married less than 2 years ago.

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  • fearonlygod
    11-30 06:51 PM
    Hi Folks,

    Please suggest how safe is it to travel on previous employer's visa stamp and new approval notice....

    Also, what happens if your previous employer cancels your visa, can u still use the same stamp...

    Any help will be highly appreciated.



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  • arnab221
    12-20 07:56 PM
    With full due respect to the extremely hard IIT JEE and the brilliance of the students that make it to the IIT , the reason that only 3500 make it from over 150,000 is because of India's staggering population and staggering student numbers . The US has less than a third of US's population and hence Harvard accepts 10% . It is simple math.

    I feel that just because a person could not crack a question in IIT JEE and gets rejected makes him any less smarter than the ones who make it given the small number of seats that used to be sometime back .

    It is good that ye government has now opened a lot more IIT's and IIM's so that more people can get the privilege of going into these elite institutionalism , the ones who missed the Institution because they could not crack one question in the JEE .

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  • seahawks
    08-23 02:42 PM
    Where : Redmond Regional Library, Meeting Room 1
    Room Request Date, Time, and Room Selection (http://eventinfo.kcls.org/evanced/lib/roomrequest.asp?mode=)

    When : Aug 25th 2009 7:30 to 8:30 pm
    Why are we meeting: To support IV's drive to lobby and contact Law Makers to fix Employment Based Immigration


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  • lord_labaku
    04-12 02:42 PM
    mergers and acquisitions come under successor of interest and GC process is usually status quo. at yous stage, M&A wouldnt need any inputs from ur side. Confirm with attorney.

    Ofcourse you can also join company C, using AC21 with all the caveats that apply.

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  • Karthikthiru
    10-02 11:27 AM
    It is not just enough for you to have the qualifications for EB2. The job requirements also should have that requirements. So in the PERM application - the job requirements has to be specified. I think the lawyer messed up the PERM process

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  • Ann Ruben
    06-30 07:05 PM
    In order to be able to finally adjust status when your priority date become current you must either maintain a continuously valid advance parole or H-1 visa. Alternatively, you could file an I-824 requesting that your approved I-140 be transferred to the National Visa Center so that when your priority date becomes current you can apply at the US Consul in Canada for your immigrant visa.

    06-11 01:47 AM
    Hello everybody,

    I just got an RFE for I-485...they are asking about marriage certificate and birth certificate...when I applied for I-485, I sent marriage certificate and birth certificate ..why they are asking me again to send?

    And can you tell me please what to do with the following.......Uscis sent me too an envelope where to put my documents for RFE.......but the docs dont fit in the small envelope...is it ok if I put my docs in a different and bigger envelope?

    My PD is sept 2005 ROW.
    If someone faced the same situation please help me with some advice.

    Thanks in advance

    04-24 10:58 PM
    You're right, it is ugly. ;P

    I'm only joking... don't hurt me. :ne:

    Eh, I kind of like it.

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