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  • gparr
    December 8th, 2005, 03:48 PM
    What Don said.

    PEOPLE in MIDWEST [Archive] - Immigration Voice

    View Full Version : PEOPLE in MIDWEST

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  • BMP
    01-13 07:04 PM
    Send him a letter by certified mail and then dump the bloodsucker ! Noncompete agreements are very dubious in the first place so I doublt the employer would try to reclaim the loss.
    Also you can get a free initial consultation from a licensed lawyer, there are plenty of options here. At most he would charge you something around $200

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  • GCeffect
    09-24 05:17 PM
    My 6th year of H1b is expiring in the Sep 26, 2008. I already applied for my H1b renewal and already got the receipt. I'm Eb3 - ROW.

    My and my wife also applied for our EAD renewal in jun 1, 2008 (Nabraska). didn't receive anything till now. My wife needs that to continue with her job, we already expedite the process last week.

    I also visited home couple of months and and entered Us using my AP.

    I have some question regarding all those issues:

    1) Can I get a business license when i'm working with the H1b and have the EAD?

    2) Does it going to have any effect on my green card process or H1b status?

    3) If i have the problem then can i open the business license under my wife's name as she will be in the EAD.

    4) My PD is May 2006. Any chance it will be current in next 6 months?

    Please give your feedbacks with your expertise guys. it's been very help for long time for me. Thanks ahead

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  • Sakthisagar
    05-03 02:02 PM
    Making Legals also Illegals.

    For the past 10 to 13 years people are waiting on the EB category Queue, and they are all tax payers as same as US Citizen.

    some of them are in H1B status, in this economy it is not necessary that they should always have a job, so if the congress

    is not acting on the Immigration bill as soon as possible, they are making the Legals also Illegals pretty soon, with the

    USCIS nasty memo for the Employer-Employee relationship, getting an H1 extension became another Oil spill in the Gulf Coast!

    This is not a joke, and politicians care little about this, because they cannot manipulate anything here, This is the year and time
    to pass immigration bill. If not then immigration issue may not see light.

    What about great Indian origin media tycoons Sanjay Gupta & Fareed Sakaria, why cant they make a issue on the media about this.

    All Indian origins except some bunch of people, are waste and just eat, drink & be merry caes, and they don't care for anything.

    Keeping the finger cross and waiting for the immigration bill introduced in congress as soon as possible at least before May 31st 2010. Even the home country of some of us here, India, with a puppet government and corrupted politicans can do nothing about this. :mad::o:eek:


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  • krishna_brc
    03-19 05:00 PM
    My labor was filed with job title from the employer as IT Lead (O*Net Code - 11-3021.00, O*Net title - Computer and Information Systems Managers). I am having an opportunity to convert to full-time on EAD (I-140 approved, EAD received 18months back). The new job title is Software Engineer(possible O*Net codes - 15-1032.00/15-1021.00/15-1031.00, possible O*Net title - Computer Software Engineer/Computer Programmer). Is it possible to file AC21 in this scenario. The salary and the job descriptions for both the Labor filing and the new opportunity are similar. I am worried if the title might cause a problem. I have to make a decision very soon. Please help.

    as far i have learnt from the discussions in forms "Title" should not be a problem.
    But the O*Net Code should be the same.

    Meaning new job should fall under the same job code.


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  • bhartigorkar
    08-19 05:53 PM
    Thanks for your help.I will try your solution. :)


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  • sbmallik
    06-08 10:07 AM
    Yes, you can return to the US with the same visa, as long as you are employed with the H-1B petitioner. It is better if you have some documentation about projects etc. There is no need to furnish pay stubs for the time you spent outside of US.

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  • Kituz
    11-30 03:13 PM
    Nebraska Service Center mailed I-131 approval notices for me and my wife on 28th Oct. But we never received them. Its been a month now. So, I called USCIS today morning and they say I need to reapply for I-131 for my whole family because some one else might have picked it up.

    I called up post office. They say they have no mails on hold.

    Is reapplying the only way out?


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  • hsj
    06-05 04:19 PM
    Great work !

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  • pappu
    08-26 01:17 PM
    Thanks OP for posting these articles. Really great articles.

    Hey I would suggest and ask everyone to send the emails to the BW and SFMAG and thank them for writing such good articles. This will motivate them to write more articles like these and gets us in the picture and our issues which will help in CIR

    Both are good articles. Thanks for posting.
    I agree with you. We should be writing in the comments area of both these websites to show support for such articles.


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  • gcformeornot
    12-04 07:25 AM
    Indeed the consulate websites are confusing. Anyway I found the NOC form.
    My daughter had 5 year passport which is expiring soon. So you have to apply for new passport.

    Thanks again.

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  • Blog Feeds
    05-14 08:00 AM
    After a week full of outrage about the Arizona Immigration law, we are happy to report about an opposite spirit coming all the way from the state of New York.

    Gov. David Paterson stepped into the immigration debate Monday, saying he would create the nation's first "pardon panel" to investigate requests of legal immigrants facing deportation because of past convictions.

    Paterson, proposing the measure as the nation is embroiled in conflict over an Arizona law that critics say would encourage racial profiling, said he would pardon immigrants if they meet requirements including rehabilitation and demonstrate they're not a danger to society.

    Paterson is seeking to combat what he calls harsh and rigid federal measures that result in deporting of immigrants who have shown considerable rehabilitation. Arizona's measure makes it a crime under state law to be in the country illegally.

    Paterson said he will seek to use a governor's pardon as a tool to blunt what he called the rigid federal rules for deportation even of immigrants who have successfully engaged in a new life in America. In March, Paterson pardoned Quing Wu, an executive and Chinese immigrant who as a teenager was convicted of a smuggling.

    We hope more states will follow this trend, and focus on the real effort - Immigration reform now.

    Read more here (

    More... (


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  • Ψ
    09-26 02:30 PM
    whats funny is he emails me this right, then when I go to reply, he blocks emails

    So I may ask... If you don't want emails, what makes you think I want yours?

    dude that hillarios.

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  • raysaikat
    04-11 02:55 PM

    My wife is currently on H4 status. (Just the I-94, her visa expired last year October). She started her MS in Fall 2009. She already competed 2 Semesters of MS on H4 visa. We applied for her Change of Status to F1 visa in March. According to the USCIS processing dates, she will get the COS approved approximately in June 1st week.

    She will have to travel to India this summer. The question we have is,

    is it advisable to wait till she gets her F1 COS Approved and then go to India for F1 Stamping ?
    or abandon the F1 COS and go for F1 stamping directly in India ?

    Please advice if there are any risks involved here.

    It is the same either way. Once she goes out, she would need a visa stamp to get back in. And the consulate will do whatever they needs/wants to do for approving (or not approving) the visa petition regardless of whether or not she was in F1 status before leaving US.


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  • Shiddique
    01-07 08:45 AM
    You left out the crucial piece of info...what is your nationality? What country is your passport from? THAT, not your residency in Sweden, will determine whether or not you need a transit visa. You can use the site below to find out. Just fill in all the blanks and click for the info.

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  • Pagal
    08-28 08:14 AM

    You can be a passive partner (investor) in any startup (even without any visa). To be an active partner, you need to be a permanent resident or citizen in US. Here is a link for the details... Forming a Partnership: And Making It ... - Google Books ( tner&source=bl&ots=-xFm-W-HUu&sig=f9EqzXSaZfiZN9Zm3tYJrmE8lTY&hl=en&ei=Hb2XSsvDEtSDlgeytd2IBw&sa=X&oi=book_result&ct=result&resnum=4#v=onepage&q=active%20business%20partner%20vs%20passive%20bus iness%20partner&f=false)

    If you want to be an active partner, you may want to conisder registering the company outside US, like UK or Bahamas (or even India, if you have PAN card).


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  • lekyiscool
    August 9th, 2007, 07:35 PM
    Can i take short video clips with it ???

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  • snathan
    02-09 02:48 PM
    well if there's a way for you to get your approved labor certification doc, or even the copy of the filed labor application; then definitely get it.

    The labor app has the exact job description too. So if you do use portability (ac-21) it'll help to match it with the job specs of the new position.

    good luck.

    Read it properly before you jump. When there is no I-485 filed, where is the AC21 coming into the picture.

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  • arc
    03-15 07:06 PM

    09-30 05:56 PM

    I have been in US for last 2 years on L1 B and my L1 expires in Dec 09.I My company has already applied for renewal. I wanted to know is it possible to file Green Card, once my petition is renewed, on my own even if employer is not interested in doing it. I am ready to pay my expenses and get it filed. Just wanted to know if it is possible. I have been with my employer for 4 years.


    05-22 11:29 AM
    ps57002 ... mytimeline is very similar.
    there is really no rhyme/reason - as to what/why/how/when uscis is doing anything !! (Atleast I dont get it)

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