Wednesday, June 22, 2011

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  • satish_hello
    10-02 04:31 PM
    I am still waiting for FP notice, i got my EAD/AP/RD, for both of us.

    It was filed @ NSC on July 6th, ---> CSC -----> NSC. I got my LUd on 09/21 last on our 485.

    - satish

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  • ramaonline
    08-07 11:14 PM
    Congrats's good to see Dec 05 getting option would be to get your wife here on F1..Some of the schools required only TOEFL ..after coming to US get married again in US and apply for 485..

    485 derivative status is only available if you were married before the 485 approval not after

    If someone marries after 485 approval then you need to file I130 under family category for spouse

    Of course it is always possible to come on h1 and get a new new gc application filed thru employer - but it is not possible to add as derivative application with a lawful permanent resident

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  • dreamworld
    04-03 10:39 AM
    Thanks for contacting IV with your SOS.
    An IV core member is going to be helping you to fix this with USCIS. Let us know if you need help. He already tried contacting you yesterday.

    As IV grows maybe this is a help IV can extend to all its donor members and help them if they get in such extreme distress situations. This is one of the ideas we are thinking for our members in the donor group.

    Pappu and core...

    This shows how committed IV to help a fellow member. Keep this alive. you are real leader to me now.

    I did donate in the past and I did NOT become Donor when IV created donor forum, BUT...... Your open support to "Drifter" made me to become donor. I subscribed to IV now and this my way of saying thank you to IV.

    Date of sign up: Apr. 3, 2009
    Subscription Name: Donation to Support Immigration Voice (User: dreamworld)
    Subscription Number: S-3N301833GH834981K

    keep us updated on "Drifter" situation...

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  • gdilla
    07-27 07:50 PM
    You should be able to tell by checking if your checks have cleared. I understand they may be company issued checks, as in my case, but make a friend in accounting and they will tell you. Forget HR or lawyer. That's what i did.

    I understand...those that are calling USCIS have no other way of finding out if their receipts were issued, their Lawyer / EMployers may not even let them know...
    So they call to see if USCIS may be able to lookup their case by Last name or something......


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  • FinalGC
    01-05 09:40 AM
    Dear friends:

    As the Past President of a PMI Chapter (PMP for the past 10 years and working in the field of Project management for the past 15 years) let me shed some light to this query.

    Reasons why you should do PMP
    1) If you believe you need a promotion, new job or rise the corporate ladder within the field of IT or management, take PMP.....Billing rate of PM's is $90-150/hr for consulting, full time could be from $100K-$250K. The next generation CIO's will be highly qualified PM's.
    2) Job security for PMP's. The only job that will not be outsourced to India or China is that of a project manager.
    3) PMP will help you get the project manager job, if you do not have one. However, become a Project Manager only if you like working with people. Trust me, if you hate politics and hate managing people, it is better for you to stay a techie. Your life will be miserable if you do not like managing people. Do something that you enjoy, rather than what you may hate. It is all about people and people management, rather than project management in the world of PMP's
    4) PMP has become mandatory for all large gigs or projects. Small projects do not need PMP's and small projects do not pay well too.
    5) PMP does not make you a better project manager. But PMP is needed by the industry. It is the experience that one gets from being on the field from different industries that makes one a good project manager.

    I hope this should help some of you to make a decision to be a PMP or not.

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  • ksircar
    07-28 03:54 PM
    Ignore it. Even I had the same problem. Goahead and certify.

    I can not certify the form. Even if I certify it comes back with error and tells me to enter middle initial. Tried couple of times, but without any success.

    Dos anyone has any idea?



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  • deardar
    07-02 03:42 PM
    I don't understand about this fees.. I mean, you guys would have spent that money anyway. You may be loosing money for medical examination because it may expire. But the rest is something you would have done anyway.. I don't understand the logic of this thread..

    Had we know that this was going to happen, at least for July 4 week, we would have planned a vacation and then used that money that we spent.

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  • Pineapple
    07-08 10:06 PM
    First of all, are the bills really dead for sure?

    In any case, being idealistic and blaming everyone else is not helpful. It is not an ideal world, lets face it. :)

    Perhaps we should see where we improve.. Perhaps we have an opportunity here:

    If we are fairly certain we cannot expect any bills this year, why not put aside lobbying for this year, and put the money and energy saved into publicity programs? Buy advertising space on ethnic publications/websites and put up interesting ads? Start a campaign to put up ads etc on college campuses, for instance, to get the student community involved.
    It seems having a website and bulletin board is insufficient by itself to generate the critical mass necessary for a sustained campaign. It is a starting point, and we need to move beyond

    We have to understand why many people get cynical. If I tell someone to call senators and congressmen every six months, and absolutely nothing happens the first seven times, the eighth time, it is understandable if some of the people don't bother. If I then rant at them for being stupid/cowardly etc, I am certain to be dismissed as an idealistic crackpot for ever, so we need to be careful. :)

    Well, even before Indian independence, it was just a handful of population that were actively involved in the process, majority took life as it came and were afraid. In fact, there are a lot of coward stories where cowards helped the British against freedom fighters. The reason British could rule India so easily because desis are submissive and it took a long time for leaders like Mahatma Gandhi to lay a foundation and gather critical mass enought o bring about a change and the worst thing is - the only change that happened was that British govt moved out. 60 years after independence, we are still divided mentality, lack of civic sense, we claim greaatness in getting IT and BPO projects, we could not win a gold medal in Olympics nor could we make any big scientific achievement - the worst thing is we come here to US and stay divided and expect that someone will do good to us


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  • Guig0
    02-03 06:58 AM
    now i�m ashaned coz i don�t have any vote at all :(

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  • GCHope2011
    11-11 04:46 PM
    Why not 3 more years either :)

    Well thought I had to answer this better. The answer is YES, we can get bills introduced and passed if we had 2 million dollars. Lets not make assumptions about what congress cares for, we'll let core members handle that. As written previously, we have managed to get quite a lot of change done with minuscule funding, even though we haven't been able to afford the best people.
    Maybe right now even achieved a bit more than the illegal immigration lobby.
    How exactly do we do it? - Check Donor forum, where we get constant updates on our efforts in Washington DC.

    Donations start at a one time of $25, even if that's the only thing you do all year.
    There are some thinking why not get everything for free, when IV is already working? Its a tendency of many to save as much as possible, and get the thrill of getting something free. As I speak, Donors are benefiting from IVs efforts. United we can achieve a lot, Divided we fail.

    The other common excuse is - "I really don't care, even if I don't get the GC, I can always find a job back home. Pay $1000 for my return flight. Just visiting... "
    Well I guess the other option of spending much less, getting a GC in 1-2 years, starting your own business in the USA, making much more money is really something no one wants.
    Agree with you Tony - there are so many members of this forum - I find it hard to believe that everyone's budget is so tight, that they cannot afford to divert $25 per-month to a cause that is going to help them directly.

    I am not underestimating the value of $300 per-year, but compared to the value that this is likely to drive, it is certainly an investment that can provide handsome returns.

    I would rather NOT believe that most people here are with a free-loader mentality - waiting for others to fund and drive the momentum, while they just keep yapping about their problems and concerns about the situation, laws, regulations, illegals, employers etc. etc.

    In my opinion people are missing the big picture of that if everyone contributed, there could be significant momentum that could be created - a $25 per-month contribution could lead to a $500K monthly lobbying fund - which is a non-trivial amount to drive our agenda.


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  • Siboo
    07-27 06:39 PM
    This thread jokes make me laugh for a while .. friends we need to add all these jokes on a seperate off topic thread to enjoy and laugh when needed !! :D :D :D ..

    Also change the website address to :D :D :D

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  • aviko21
    10-03 10:17 PM
    my case is quite funny.
    Applications went to texas service center originally.
    From there they were transferred to California where they issued my EAD and AP but transferred the application back to TEXAS.

    Oddly enough the only thing that i initially got in the mail was a transfer notice and the ead cards. I didn't get the receipt notice, the AP or a FP notice?????/

    Any Idea whether anyone got ead without FP?


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  • mygc2006
    04-02 07:38 AM
    sent both faxes :)

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  • howzatt
    07-19 09:58 AM
    The skin test is mandatory. Also, your blood test results might take a day or two. I really dont think you have any option but to ask her to come back a few days early.


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  • PERM12
    07-22 01:34 PM
    This is un acceptable talk. Forum is to share - no one deny's it. ANTI or PRO - each can put their own thoughts...BUT not in the above said language

    I hope we keep our dignity and self respect

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  • baba2s
    11-25 04:59 PM
    As DOS has posted the NVC backlog numbers as on November 1, 2009, if the core team look at it and update the analysis. This data is not categorized via month but still may be helpful in prediction.


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  • onemorecame
    07-17 10:32 AM
    I cleared cookies, and refreshed my page around 100 time but everytime i am getting June one :confused:

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  • gccube
    09-09 02:27 PM
    Requirements to change employer when GC is pending:
    - I-140 should be approved
    - More than 180 days should have passed after filing I-485. The clock for 180 days starts from 485 receipt.
    - Approved EAD

    Significance of 180 days barrier
    If you have approved I-140 and EAD, you can change employer without having to wait for 180 days. But then your employer can revoke the I-140 which invalidates the 485 application. After 180 days from I-485 receipt, I-140 cannot be revoked so that is why it is always recommended to invoke AC-21 after 180 days from the 485 receipt.

    After 180 days, you cannot change jobs, you can only change employers
    When you invoke AC-21, you have o fulfill two conditions:
    1.) You new jobs has the same or similar job description as mentioned in the green card labor certification application
    2.) You salary should be almost the same as the wages mentioned in GC labor certification application

    This means, you have to continue to stay in the same job title and job description till the time your GC is approved. If you fulfill the requirements mentioned above, you do not have to inform USCIS when invoking AC-21. You just switch employer. At some point USCIS will send you a query asking for the information of the employer who continues your green card application. It is best to take up job where the job title and job description is exactly the same as specified in your GC labor certification application. Any variance in the job title or job description could be extremely damaging to the GC application processing.

    It is best to not to change to an employer offering you anything less than the wage rate specified in the GC labor certification. On the higher side, it is better not to take up a job that offers more than 4% more salary of that specified in the GC labor certification. It is hard to resist 20-30K higher salary, but one would have to resist the temptation for taking the job offering higher salary. Otherwise, there is a risk of USCIS denying the GC application.

    USCIS doesn�t account for dollar appreciation or devaluation. USCIS also doesn�t account for annual inflation when calculating the wage rate. So even if your labor certification was applied in 2003, you still have to continue at the job with the salary specified in the GC labor certification. If GC application takes another 5-7 years, then you have to continue with the salary specified in GC labor certification application.

    Hope this is useful.

    "You salary should be almost the same as the wages mentioned in GC labor certification application or it should not be more than 4% more than what is mentioned in the LC"?

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  • GotGC??
    06-26 09:10 PM
    Hey guys, this is not such a bad idea...basically it's all about give & take - you give and I take :)

    Man, are you serious in asking people not file in time when the topic of the day has been the possible retrogression mid-month in July? And that too on a forum where there are more posts about how to save $3.99 on passport photos than on core team pleas about calling the senators??


    02-04 10:24 PM
    Good idea. Most of the Bay Area folks are in South Bay and I am sure would find it pretty easy to get to ICC.



    I'm posting this here since the old volunteer forums are no longer available. Where all have you posted flyers, info in CA?

    For those in the Bay Area: Have you contacted the new Indian Community Center in (they have locations in Milpitas and Sunnyvale)? I don't live in the South Bay, but it seems like this is a pretty active space. Wonder if they would let us give a talk, and/or post flyers etc. If no one has been in touch with them, I could try.


    09-15 07:40 AM
    who said that after a GC ppl would settle down for a permanent job. No way
    after GC i need to mint money for my family & enjoy life too. I dont know about others tho. I will settle down in DC Belt area where one can keep gettin consultancy jobs one after the other and make a million. Most of them are Fed jobs for which one needs to have a clearance and for that one needs to have GC.
    we can make a lot of $$$ per hour on such job. Assignments vary from 6 months to 18 months. What more do u want.
    why work two jobs and burn our ass off...
    we need to enjoy ur life too. If we only made money n neva spent it therez no use of it.:eek: :eek:

    I NEED A GREEN CARD PERIOD!!!:) :) :) :)

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