Sunday, June 26, 2011

Butts- re post

One of my very first original posts I wrote about cigarettes.
More important, about how I felt that people who threw their cigarette butts on the ground should be considered littering and therfore fined for it.

I showed you how the butt sitting on the ground enventually breaks down, but only to contaminate the soil & water.

The very same that none smokers come in contact with.


Ultimately giving the same effect as if I smoke the fucking cigarette myself.

So it is something that really pisses me off.

Every once in awhile I hear people whining about not being about to smoke in a bar. I feel no sadness for those people.

(Yes, I have friends that are smokers)

I feel like if I chose not to be a smoker and fill my body which such cancerous shit, then when do I have to be subjected to it when I go out to a bar or resturant?

The local bar I go to, at least has a outside patio to where said smokers can go to smoke till their hearts content.


I'm cool with that.

What I am not cool with is people who smoke and toss their butts out the car window on the ground. (really anyone who throws them on the ground, not just drivers)

But, Hello you have fucking ash tray in your car.
As I said before, cigarettes are not something that an animal can eat. No.1 Negative. It takes a VERY long time to break down, No. 2 Neagative and even then its truly not g o n e


your ok with this?
You don't want to trash up the inside of your precious car but your ok with trashing the environment?

What the fuck. Seriously.

Why do it? We all live here.
Why knowingly trash up the place?

This is not about freedom of choice, this is about the environment that we all share. Your poor choices shouldn't have to be mine by default.

Please think about this the next time you light up.
Do the right thing.
Peace out

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