Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Bush in a Glass BOX

I was watching this show the other morning in the gym, it was super duper interesting.
(Mostly I listen to my ipod music)

They were talking about how you could make your own terrarium. How exciting.

and by the way was super duper popular in the 70's.

Let me give you a little back ground on these in case you don't know what they are

A terrarium is: a transparent (glass) enclosure for keeping or raising plants or small animals;

So I decided I wanted to make one. I mean how hard can it be. Right. Kids were making them on tv. So surely I can do this.

I may not be the best at following directions but what the hey .

So, I told my idea to a friend and he asked me if I was gonna put a pet in there.

Hmmmmm. I never thought of that. I was just gonna throw some dirt in there and some little tiny plants. Maybe. I should consider a frog or something.

I could make one for home and work. How peacful is that?

To have your own tiny little garden where you can sit and look at it whenever you want. Without ever going outside.

I will make sure I share some
photos of the completed master piece.

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