Thursday, June 16, 2011

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  • kumarc123
    11-22 09:08 AM
    I have talked to IV leadership and they have agreed to hold a rally in March 1st Week, if sufficient numbers indicate willingness to participate.

    So can we please stop blaming IV leaders and start showing them our support by indicating our support?

    No one is blaming IV core my friend, but we all need to unite and do something big. We cant just wait for our partner to do something.

    Yes, we should hold a rally in March in DC, and what we should do is, members who agreed to come and join us good enough,

    The ones who are lazy, can continue to be lazy , you all have seen the bulletin and EAD is not green card. You are welcome to take your lazy chances,

    I thought INDIANS were to stand together and fight a battle, this is a battle for the justice of immigrants in this country. I understand and I am versed with life in America, it is stressful. But think for a moment,will the green card make it better? If yes then join us.

    This time we will use a different approach.

    1. We will have banners on DESI stores
    2. We will collect money from IV members.
    3. We will contact the media for attention

    Lets do this,

    Good Luck

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  • kaisersose
    07-19 01:56 PM
    Very good, ask your wife to bring a load of sweets for IV member. ;)

    good one!

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  • arunmohan
    12-20 01:04 PM
    Does this new rule allow H4 to work?

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  • pooja_34
    03-21 11:11 AM
    Hi FinalGC,

    I am in Ann Arbor, MI and would love to coordinate meeting with the lawmakers with you here in the Michigan area.


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  • learning01
    03-17 08:02 AM
    What's is Frist's motive in trying to trip the McCain - Kennedy or Specter's Markup? What's his point?
    Looks like in Congress, each senior senator is a leader of his own and don't tolerate or cannot see eye to eye on more serious work of fellow senators or congressman. The idea is to trip the whole effort to treat illegal immigrants as humans. In Frist and its ilk's opinion, they want the services of illegal (and legal) immigrants, but this great country doesn't want to give any benefits to the illegal aliens in return. It's is so farcical, only the feudal minded Frists' can do it. Many in this country want 'closure' for this and 'closure' for that, but they deny all relief to these illegal aliens. Our goal of relief from retrogression and to increase visa numbers is unfortunately tied to such 'comprehensive bills'.

    I want users of this forum to think about it, ruminate on it and write letters to law makers, newspapers etc.

    As Senators Debate Immigration Bill, Frist Offers His Own

    WASHINGTON, March 16 � Senator Bill Frist, the Republican leader, introduced a stringent border security bill on Thursday, rejecting pleas from senators in his own party who appealed for more time to ..

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  • vik123
    08-15 01:20 PM
    could you please share who received your app? Mine reached at 8:26AM on 2nd July too.


    I don't know as my lawyer sent the papers and he told me only about the time it reached at NSC.


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  • h1techSlave
    04-10 02:25 PM
    If any one is meeting law makers from Maryland, I am also interested.

    Thanks guys,

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  • amit_p27
    06-26 11:43 AM
    First of all congratulations on arriving at a mile stone. But obviously it is not end of the journey.
    It is also not a time to say "thanks and good bye" to IV. Consider the fact that IV has done a lot for us, at least by making Congress aware of our plight and giving the anti immigrationist some run for their money and at times making their heartbit to skip. It is a different matter whether we got the law passed to address our problem, we may not have that much power; a simple fact is that we do not have voting power and Indian-American or Chinese-American community is not 100% behind us.
    But in times like this at least members like you should not leave IV. Then those who have made the dates temporarily current to divide us have just achieved their goals. Anti immigrationist and the writers of the senate amnesty for illegal aliens bill would smile after reading your post. In fact you should announce a one time donation to IV to celebrate your milestone and pledge your continuing support to IV.


    Donation $500+ and continuing

    I am not saying Thanks and Good bye, As you see even after my GC I am still responding to your message. I am fully supporting the VI initiative. but the problem is that USCIS will do only what they think it is right and not what is really right. Me being in the Q for so long , I will never forget the Horrors of waiting for GC, even after getting the GC.

    We as indians are divided lots in every area, we are like CRABS. certainly I am not one of those CRABS, My friends will give a ample proof about that.

    In matter of fact, As a community, we are not PROUD about OURSELVES and our HINDU CULTURE, we cannot make any DHARMIC efforts to come under ONE UMBRELLA and fight for our cause. IV is one initiative, which is good but not enough, because do we get any help from our Indian Embassy or any Indian Organisation in America to support us, NEVER. this is because we DONOT LOOK UPTO OUR INNER VOICE AS HINDUS. I am not saying this to you in particular, I am referencing this as an INDIAN COMMUNITY. SO PLEASE NOTHING PERSONAL.


    thanks for your suggestion i really appreciate that.


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  • Macaca
    08-31 10:38 PM
    This is your only chance. There is no more rally later.

    If you want to wait 10+ years for your green card, stay at home and hide. (Retrogression will just get worse, I guarantee). If you want to change your future and get a GC one day please show up at the rally. We are there to show that we even exist, no need to do anything else. We need everyone.
    No one cares about people who doesn't exist.
    I understand that you will be in DC!

    Way to go. Thanks!

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  • alterego
    12-14 07:00 AM
    In the case of this guy. I can't fault him/her for taking up this option. None of us can. After all, he is playing by the rules right?
    That we are affected does not matter here to the authorities. Why? Once again I ask you guys to realise that this immigration system is here to serve the employers, not you or me. That is why they can justify this.


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  • laborday
    07-17 09:41 AM
    AHAH I'm sorry, I didn't mean to sound like a bully. I refreshed and it still says June though :confused:
    This is what I see:

    "U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services
    Nebraska Service Center Service Center Processing Dates
    Posted July 16, 2007 "

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  • bsbawa10
    08-18 07:14 AM
    After I heard from the Infopass IO that my case is all set and it is sitting in the NSC examination room, I have been trying my best to get my file to the attention of an IO at NSC. This is what I have done till now. Don't know if this would work. If not, what the heck?

    1. Wrote to my state's senators
    2. Wrote to Ombudsman
    3. Wrote to my Congressman
    4. Wrote to the President
    5. Have opened a SR
    6. My attorney is taking an Infopass appointment to see why it is stuck.

    We 2004 guys are really out of luck. First BEC, then all these LC substitutions, July 2nd fiasco, and now this. Can't believe we got screwed in all the steps.

    I also think the same way. Life is so much unjust. (USCIS adds to this injustice)


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  • drsnh123
    06-19 10:50 PM
    I am a physician MD currently doing IM residency on H1B. i have a job to start from oct 2007. since PDS for india are now current, i would like to know if my employer can file PERM for a prospective employee now in june. my univerdity lawyer is not clear or rather not willing to file.
    thanks for your opinions
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  • gc_check
    03-29 07:18 AM
    Moderators, Can this thread be moved to member only section and require a login to read the posts, Do see in some posts, some folks had explicitly mentioned the names and offices IV had approached... Wouldn't it give a lead to anti-immigration activist?


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  • Leo07
    11-03 11:00 AM
    go green go_guy123:)

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  • WeShallOvercome
    07-27 01:26 PM
    if they've less calls, they can do some other real work.

    in any case..they took 1-3 months in case of reciepting 65K H1s. How soon do you think they can receipt 10 times that number..

    That was before their newly found 'effeciency'...

    more recently, they took 2 days (not even working days) to APPROVE 25000 AOS applications, how hard do you think it is for them to issue receipts ? :)


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  • GCBy3000
    04-02 11:01 AM
    Sent Both faxes. Good work.I will register my spouse and will send two more.

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  • pooja_34
    12-22 03:08 PM
    Again, incorrect english - Why dont you go learn english and then post here - Till then use your local language forums only !

    I am not in the bed with you to take your direction

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  • rkotamurthy
    08-28 01:20 PM
    I am going to DC to participate in the Rally and meet Lawmakers. I know atleast half a dozen others from California who are going to DC. I think is your only chance to get your voice heard in the corridors of power.

    07-07 06:24 PM
    Condi Rice burshed the question about the DOS and USCIS fiasco. Bill CLinton has rightly said recently ..Law is minor obscacle for this administration.

    I missed it. Any links to the video?

    11-16 03:10 PM
    but isnt this the reason for LC advertising? That is, if a USC or permanent resident applies he should be given preference over an immigrant. By that rationale I am not so sure it is illegal.
    Also, many large companies, when applying for jobs on their websites, mandatorily require you to state your visa status. While self-identification (race, sex) is always optional and cannot be required (by law, there will always be a statement that says submission of this info is voluntary).
    They cannot ask it if it is illegal, and clearly this information is used in the employment process.
    So, I am not so sure this is illegal.
    I am pretty sure that discriminating on nationality is illegal, but that is different

    Probably according to the EEOC rules, unless the job requires for security clearance, companies must not discriminate between a US citizen and someone with work authorization. A company must also not deny job to you because u don't have enough time on ur visa. Company must go through legal channels to accept or deny employment for visa holders. As such companies don't really discriminate. They want good people for work. Most times it is the reqruiters who post these ads. Reqruiters post ads like * must be citizen, must be local to New York* etc... Even for L/C ads, I don't think there is a need to mention preference for citizens - though I am not sure about this.

    If prefering US citizens is discriminatory, I am sure a bill will be easily passed to make such postings valid and legal :)

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