Friday, June 17, 2011

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  • ramus
    06-27 08:39 AM
    If you really looking for long term solution then you should focus on action items that core members asking us to do...Have you done any of these?

    members will file 485 whenever they can and whenever they want to. I don't think even single person should buy this idea.

    Sorry not mean to hurt you but this is just bad idea.

    Most of us are concerned about short term goal of getting the application to uscis as quickly as possible , but think of the end result of whether your application be accepted if we rush, the uscis can come back and reject at any time from any date as it happened to Eb3-other workers. In any case there is a very good chance that your wife will kill u ;)

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  • alex77
    06-18 07:47 PM
    Here you go...

    Here is some thing i got through googling, though a poor choice but worth to post (

    As i remember , i read a north indian chap 15 years of experience and has phd, stuck in chennai or mumbai on security check, trying to find the article.

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  • sledge_hammer
    02-27 05:57 PM
    It is evident to anyone following this thread who hijacked it. I was only responding to the OP when you came here with your crappy comments about how people should not enforce personal morals on drug traffickers.

    Why don't you explain to everyone how is telling the OP that we do not condone taking or selling drugs something of a personal opinion?

    If your next post does not address the issue, then we all know who the real immature person is. Unless you have an answer, I will consider this case closed.

    Again, you're the one whose hijacked the thread with your verbal mastur*tion.

    LMAO@ "if you consider yourself tough" hahaha

    so fighting anonymously over the internet in a forum is your test of being "tough" ?

    Go back and do your IT coding or whatever you do.

    I shall reiterate what i stated in my previous post and leave the childish internet bickering to you Mr internet "Sledgehammer" LOL

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  • alterego
    12-06 11:10 PM
    I am not sure why so many people so naively jump to the defence of India without looking at the context in which things are said.
    Most Indians love India and that includes most NRIs. If there was any doubt just look at the support the NRI PAC gave in pushing the nuclear deal.
    The main point here is that this thread was started on the premise that the negotiation of this deal to transfer social security payments was somehow good news for our money. I think one can disagree with this and still love India.
    Frankly, if my choice was between foregoing the money here and that money going for something good such as infrastructure development in India, I and I am sure most Indians here will happily sign off on those funds.
    Point however is I do not see it as good news for our social security money.


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  • Sunx_2004
    04-01 06:39 PM
    As per my understanding, Lawyer or employer can not withdraw I485. I may be wrong, I 485 can be only withdrawn by applicant.
    Any inputs..
    I am in serious trouble, please read and comment if you can help.

    - Spouse (Primary) and I filed I 485 in June 2007. (PD March 2004)
    - Spouse Application is approved in July 2008
    - Spouse changes employers after approval
    - In October 08 we write to the law firm that initially filed the I 485 to withdraw their representation.
    - In Nov 08 the Law firm incorrectly writes to USCIS to with draw the I 485 application.
    - In March 08 I get an email from USCIS stating my application is withdrawn.

    I obtained the notice of withdrawal and the notice says
    'As a result of your request, your application is considered withdrawn, and it will recieve no further consideration by USCIS. There is no appeal to this decision.'
    Neither I nor my wife have authorized the attorney to withdraw the application, we only wanted them to withdraw their representation (I have the letter we wrote to them and it clearly states it.)

    what can we do.
    Is it possible to reinstate our case?
    Can we refile my AOS again, even thought the primary applicants green card is approved more than 6 months ago?

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  • akhilmahajan
    06-19 12:22 PM
    Could you please send to me also?

    Send you a PM also.


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  • nozerd
    01-04 10:30 AM
    The kids from the second marriage can definitely come. He can call the first wife get her the green card, then divorce her and go and marry the second wife and bring her here.

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  • micofrost
    06-02 02:07 PM
    Two from our family.
    Called up the 202... .... number. Got fwded to Senator Boxter's office. Although she isn't a supporter yet, but talked to her office and left a message for the Senator asking for her support.



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  • angelfire76
    01-03 02:31 PM
    yes..agreed. But you are forgeting all the new EAD's (H4's) who will be part of the mix.

    You have to compete with H4s on EAD (I might be generalizing here so apologies to anyone offended) you've got more serious issues than you have foreseen.

    EAD is not a ticket to a high-paying job requiring a certain level of skill.
    I feel this thread is going the way of a Programmer's guild forum in that "Now that I'm in the door, stop the offshoring" :D

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  • Almond
    02-28 11:05 PM
    HAHA too funny how this thread backfired. This is what happens when you don't read off it enough before you post in order to get a feel of the "personalities" on here.


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  • m306m
    06-02 10:45 AM

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  • Saburi
    02-13 10:08 AM

    If any one needs AC21 letter format do let me know. I can give you the format.

    Good luck.

    I know what the job title and Job duties were stated in the Labor certification and have acopy of my Labor certification application with me, but if you can give me the format of the letter for AC21 that would be great.

    Please let me know



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  • wahwah
    06-05 04:39 PM
    you 're may what shivap80 is saying is correct also...
    if your i-485 comes up for adjudication and you have file ac21 and your i-140 is pending as well, then the portability is only valid if i-140 is approved. of course after that to make sure that the portability is valid they will apply the "similar job" criteria.

    You are interpreting as: It must be approved when in reality it means that It should have been already approved in order to make a decision on portability. They can not be forced to approve your I-140 just because you are changing jobs.

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  • sathish_gopalan
    02-14 11:28 AM
    My wife is using EAD . I am still on H1 and have not started using EAD. Can I still switch to a new employer with a H1 transfer ?. Or since, she is in EAD, should I do an AC21 only with EAD ?. Thanks..


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  • happystar
    08-01 09:39 PM
    I know after we file the i-485 for 180 days, we can change our jobs. But rule is that the new job should be in the same field as the old one.

    Can i change my job from a biological researcher to a biostatistician? My current job is in the field of biology, which involves lots of experiments. If I change my job to a biostatistician, which is like a programmer, do i still qualify the "similar filed" rule? thanks for your help!

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  • sheela
    10-06 09:23 AM
    Based on my receipt numbers and looking up on USCIS website, it appears my AOS application that was sent to NSC has been sent to California Center. I have not seen anybody's case being sent to CSC. Dunno how good or bad it is and whether it sppeds up/delays my EAD processing. Anybody had experience with CSC and got any of EAD/AP/GC approved from CSC.

    My daughter's AOS: filed at NSC tranferred to CSC (RN say so) again transferred to TSC (online status: transferred to area Jurisdiction) so are the delays


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  • Znan
    07-25 04:49 PM
    I see your point, I would still prefer browsing and having migranes than paying attention and doing all that the wife says (Impossible exists in one placec for sure-just try doing what she tells you for once:D)

    It is not about you browsing on this forum is about you not paying attention to your wife continoulsy.:D:D

    Even if there would no IV..wife will tell you the same for some other stuff you are following vigourously.

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  • diptam
    08-15 12:38 PM
    Folks who got Rn is no more interested in Voting or talking about RN.

    They are opening threads for FP Notice etc - they are not looking backwards at us - What are you planning to do ?

    - My lawyer wants to refile (with no addional lawyer fees). Does it make any sense to re-file?

    - Is there a vote somewhere that shows how many july 2 files received receipt notices?

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  • logiclife
    12-13 03:23 PM
    I have got a job offer & this employer has few pre-approved labors which he offered me if I join him.

    I am on H1B visa since 3.5+ years & I am looking for the company to get my GC as soon as possible. I have BS + 10 years of IT experience in India/ USA/ UK, as Software Engineer/ Solution Architect / Project Lead/ Project Manager / Sr. PM etc.

    I want to know :

    1. Is it possible to use this pre-approved labor for me... if I have all matching skills & experiences to show in my resume (experiences/skills gained before that approval date of that labor)...? This approved labor shows the name of their previous consultant.

    2. Is it necessary to file the labor substitution by the employer...if I want to use that approved labor...?

    3. Is it possible for this employer to directly file my I-140 against this approved labor...?

    4. What are the info/proofs to verify that this employer is really filling my I-140 against this labor... ? (This employer has their attorney & I could not have better communication with their attorney)

    5. This employer is a consulting company...(desi) & they asked me to sign a financial agreement to repay their expenses on labor substitution/I-140/I-485...if I will leave them early. ...Is it legal to ask for such kind of agreement...?

    Please let me know as much as info/ guidance you can provide to me.

    Great thanks in advance for all of your help.


    Hi, you need lawyer for your first 3 questions. For question 4, you need to ask for copies of 140 petition and 485 petition and labor substitution. If you cannot be strong and ask for it, and take their word, then you will constantly live in doubt and it will be really really bad. Negotiate with them that you will need copies of everything that goes into USCIS and comes out of USCIS and you want your own attorney to handle all that. Otherwise its not worth it. You will put yourself in vulnerable situation without your own attorney doing all the work. If you choose to trust them now, and go along with it(their lawyer, their control), 6 months from now you will be in a worse situation than most of the other guys here who are stuck in 3-4 years of retrogression. Dont ask me how, trust me on this one. I know the tactics and methods of such employers very very very well.

    For questions 5, I think its legal for employers to ask employees to pay for USCIS fees and lawyers fee if the employee quits before GC is approved.

    Other than that, you will find a lot of hatred from this forum as what you are doing is very much inflaming since you are cutting in line -- legally so -- but still, its cutting in line. So dont be surprised by that.

    Good luck and make sure you get your own lawyer(that your are paying to) to do everything about your H1, Labor substituion, GC etc.

    11-06 12:21 PM
    For December 2009 visa bulletin - Please call Ajmeri Baba at +44-91-29-2434343434

    Hey! Maybe instead of donating to IV, we could pool some money and get Baba's prediction on Visa movement. I'm sure his prediction would be just as worthwhile/less as Charles Oppenheim's!!!;)

    11-03 10:47 AM
    Expect no much change

    EB2I No much cange
    EB3I May move by a week

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