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  • donmedine
    January 5th, 2005, 02:02 PM
    I presently have a Nikon D100 which wife is beginning to use more and more....so I am thinking of purchasing another digital Nikon..........was thinking of getting the D70. However since I only need a body I was thinking of perhaps getting another D100 or maybe trading up from there. Any opinions offered would be appreciated.

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  • uimv
    12-12 09:00 AM

    After getting Employment based Green Card in EB3 or EB2 category:

    1. When is the LATEST you should start working for sponsoring employer ?
    (e.g. If card received on 3rd of the month, do you HAVE TO start same month or can wait for a month or so ?)

    2. If salary, after GC, is lesser than mentioned during Labor stage, what problems will it cause for:
    - GC renewal ?
    - US citizenship ?
    - OTHER problems (GC Cancelation, Deportation...)

    3. What if, after GC, sponsoring employer gives termination letter with:
    - NO reason ?
    - reason stating bad economy ?
    Please tell, for each case, what problems will it cause for:
    - GC renewal
    - US citizenship
    - OTHER problems (GC Cancelation, Deportation...)

    Thank You.

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  • sanjay
    09-05 11:54 AM
    Can't change my employer
    can't change my job profile
    can't change my address

    but i know i can change the world

    so give me my green card

    Whatever? Do you really need a new thread to say this? We already had a thread for this.


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  • roseball
    11-14 10:49 AM
    I need a immigration lawyer whom I can consult today, It is an emergency case and need his help immediately.

    Can anyone please suggest me a lawyer in Dallas, TX who works today (Saturday) to get help.

    Help highly appreciated.

    You can contact the office of Sherin Thawer (Dallas Family Law Attorneys | Dallas Business Law Attorneys | The Law Offices of Sherin Thawer, P.C. (http://www.thawerlaw.com)). I never dealt with her personally and I dont know how good or bad she is but just giving her reference as I always hear her on the local desi radio and their offices are open on Saturdays.


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  • baleraosreedhar
    06-21 01:36 PM
    Hi All

    I have a question regarding filling of I485.

    My wife got her H1 approved in November 2006 and she got her SSN in december and her company has not put her on a project.

    I would like to know will there be any issue if I file her as my dependent on my I485 application.

    Her H4 visa on the passport is already expired.

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  • jettu77
    10-01 03:54 PM


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  • reddysms
    09-24 12:45 PM
    I am not sure if this discussion may be opened by someone already. I could'nt find it and hence I am opening a new one.

    I know its not required to have SSN for starting the job from 10/01/2007. I am eager to know if we can apply for SSN before this date or do we need to wait until Oct 1st. Thanks

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  • fromnaija
    02-15 05:16 PM
    Thanks fromnaija, If she maintains any non-immigrant visa she can be added without any 'follow-to-join' petetion right i.e., she can be added to my 485 just like the normal process when my PD becomes current.

    Yes that's correct as long as the marriage occurs prior to when you want to add her.


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  • pmpforgc
    12-15 07:29 PM

    I just came across the News about Donations by Indian Legal Immigrant to the US hospital. Link is given below

    timesofindia.indiatimes.com/articleshow/822912.cms?headline=NRI~donates~$30~million~to~US~ hospital (http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/articleshow/822912.cms?headline=NRI~donates~$30~million~to~US~ hospital)"]

    I am sure there are several other legal immigrants donations to the US hospitals, Colleges and Universities etc.

    I am sure that if we can link those all in one thread and later on can be compiled by IV to make strong point that Legal immigrant apart from generating lots of jobs and economical growth for US also contribute generously to various progressive causes, by the wealth that they make because of their creative mind and skills.

    On other hand there is a debate about undocumented workers relying on the US tax payers resources.

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  • maheshmail
    08-14 08:22 AM
    I am on H1, Applied EAD and Travelling on AP.

    Is there a problem if I don't have approved EAD while I come back?


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  • gcisadawg
    12-23 09:00 PM
    169000 out of estimated 12 million is actually more than 100 times what you show it as 0.01%. It is close to 1.4%.

    He got his quotient right but forgot to multiply it by 100 to convert that into a percentage!

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  • srilakshmij
    02-11 01:06 PM
    Thanks. But then, how can he apply for extension of his H1 B? Can he do it staying in India?


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  • Beta_mle
    04-15 08:42 AM
    One of my minor dependents appears to have been out of status due to non renewal of their H4 visa. We thought that like the original application, dependents were covered by my renewal, found out too late that this is incorrect. Since then we have obtained renewals and the dependent in question now has an approved H-4 status, plus pending 485 and advanced parole.

    I have been told though that time out of status is not counted against minors. Is this true?
    Is there any risk in travelling out of the country to get visa stamped and returning? I understand this resets the clock. Can the embassy look into the history, find out that previous issue and deny the H-4 stamping because of it?

    I am very discouraged by this long drawn out process. Any information would be appreciated.

    PS: The minor in question just turned 14 years old. Could this be the reason?

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  • ps57002
    09-10 05:55 AM
    Hi Gurus,

    I Understood That Something Was Going On But Could Not Get Any News So Far !

    what do you mean??? what was supposedly going on???


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  • martinvisalaw
    06-01 06:06 PM
    This is a very common question, especially with the number of layoffs now. I wrote some blog posts that explain the options, so please see these (http://martinvisalaw.blogspot.com/search/label/layoff)for more details: http://martinvisalaw.blogspot.com/search/label/layoff.

    Elaine Martin

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  • PDOCT05
    10-16 12:37 PM
    Gurus Need Help.

    We filed for I-485 on july 3rd..and got receipt numbers after calling USCIS for 3 of us.Yesterday we got receipt notices for me and my wife..but for my son we haven't received the notice when i checked the status online..it says case is rejected and here is the text message from the online..,
    "On October 10, 2007, we determined that this I485 APPLICATION TO REGISTER PERMANENT RESIDENCE OR TO ADJUST STATUS was not properly filed, rejected it, and mailed it back to you with all supporting materials along with a notice describing the reasons the case was rejected. The notice will also describe what will need to be done to properly submit the case"

    Is any one with the similar situation? Please help what could be the reason??
    and how long it will take to receive the rejected notice?

    any info will be great help...,



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  • letstalklc
    03-11 11:06 AM
    I have done stamping at Delhi some time last year January, me and wife attended in the same category, it was very smooth nothing much asked, even the lady who assisted us didnt ask for single document.

    We were in the line early morning eventhough our time is little bit late (no body asked us about the interview time)...

    Good luck....

    Let me know if you need more info...

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  • ivuser9
    09-11 01:11 PM
    As far as I know both the client and vendor letters should state the same and it is good if you have it for 3years.

    At least see if your manager is willing to give you the letter on company letter head.

    Good luck

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  • RDB
    08-24 04:56 PM

    Has anyone experienced this?

    PD - Nov. 2005
    EAD/AP RD - July 11th, 2008
    EAD/AP Notice Date - July 18th, 2008
    EAD/AP approved - Aug. 18th, 2008

    I just received EADs for me and my spouse and the validity is only 1 year! Aren't we (people whose PDs are retrogressed) supposed to receive EADs with 2 years validity?

    04-18 07:17 PM
    Thank you Glus. It turns out that the RFE was because the kid had turned 14.

    gimme Green!!
    07-31 01:55 PM
    I am assuming that you are planning to change employers when you change from H1 to L1.

    L1 is only for intra company transfers and you needed to be working with the company for atleast 12 months (used to be 6 months till not long ago) before you are eligible to come in on an L1.

    If it is with the same company, that you plan to change from H1 to L1, what is the advantage other than skipping Labor certification if you are on L1A?

    If you are on H-1, you cannot apply for L-1. You would have to work for a company outside the US for a period of 1 year before you can apply for a L-1 assuming you are in the US currently.

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