Friday, April 29, 2011

Perfect love

Tribute to This custom builder

Love this pic

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DICE' Spirit

American recording

Private joke for marco & Sonia, who that girl ?

Cool one

Ready for The Chopper & Co Party

Fuck you, fuck you you, fuckin'

We love The same shit :)

Vertical ? Enough ?

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What else ?

Perfect Spirit

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Tatto girl

Everybody search The ride for The 1st Chopper & Co Party


Ready for The Chopper & Co Party

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Cool one for The job

Tattoo girl

And what ?


Brooklin invitationnal

Chopper & Co party

Cool one

Tattoo girl

Tattoo girl

Tattoo girl

I wanna dance!!!!

Daisy Lowe for UK esquire HD from Greg Williams on Vimeo.

Thursday, April 28, 2011


great pan!!!

Have a good day!

TAHPS Group Photo Contest 2011

Attended a simple prize giving ceremony at Bukit Hitam Development Office yesterday (28th April 2011) morning. I was being told one of my entries in Bukit Puchong Township Photo Contest 2011 had won the 1st prize.

Surprisingly, when I reached there, it wasn't only 1 of my entries won the 1st prize, and there are also another 4 entries won consolation prizes. This is really shocking!!!
I can't believed it, even my mom said... incredible >.<

But I'm happy to received the prize cheques XD hahahahahahah~~ share with you my winning entries ^o^

1st Prize

Consolation #1

Consolation #2

Consolation #3

Consolation #4

beware of PETROLEURS' dog !

hello Max SCHAAF

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Marvel Beginning Cards

Here are my regular Marvel Beginnings sketch cards for Upper Deck and Marvel. I wish this could've turned out a little better, but they experimented with a grayish background that kept markers from adhering to the stock well.