Thursday, March 31, 2011

Marvel Beginnings Artist Returns Sketch Cards

Here are my returns for Upper Deck and Marvel Comics' "Marvel Beginnings set. As of now they're all sold except for Wolverine. The stock for this set was really hard to work with, most artist (including me) struggled with it some. It didn't really want to take ink well. The previous set (Thor) had great stock and the one I'm doing now (Captain America) is the same stock as Thor. Hope you like them.



Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Ready to go?

A long trip, alone on the street, everything you need is with you.

Protein and other stuff

Doesn't this look fucking yummy?
So everyone knows that I am somewhat obsessed with working out. Fitness. To be exact.
Not just to look good.
other reasons too.
So I have recently kicked it up a notch, ok in freakin high gear,
As if going to the gym twice a day wasn't enough.

My main reason for all the gym time is my health.
The second reason, well its to keep me out of 
 t r o u b l e.

Which everyone knows I have a real problem with.
and if I'm at the gym all the time.

Well then no free time to cheat. Right?
 The perfect solution.
So now I have decided that being in shape isn't enough.
My new goal is to work on building bigger muscles.

Which means a couple of things.

One lifting more.
Changing up my routine to shock my muscles.
Two I purchased some of that lovely  protein powder mix.

I even had to buy one of those shaker bottles.
Of course mine is in RED.

120 calories. 21 grams protein.
and it actually taste pretty darn good.

Huge ole bottle. that cost me huge ole dollars.

My plan is not to lose anymore weight,but to build up my muscles. I'm already pretty lean.
Very little if any body fat at all.
So I'm hoping by doing all this it will make my muscles look more defined.

So I started this new shit a week ago. So far I have lost weight. Not the plan.
(How long will it take to see a change?)
I had to changed my diet a little. but only to add stuff to it.

So that I am getting the right kinds of foods before and after my work outs. You know more protein.

I've been told that 45 minutes after your work out is the most important time to replenish your body. Small window.

 I'm a grazer. So its hard for me to stuff all this "important" protein shit into my tiny tummy, without feeling over full.
and yet again I have lost weight.
What the hell.
I get how important it is. On the weekends I am in the gym for almost 3 hours and I need some serious food to replenish shit.
I work really hard. and when I'm done I am freakin hungry.

Just a warning you should never get in my way when I am hungry.
Its actually very scary.
Skinny girls can be just as mean when they are hungry.
So I'll keep you updated on my progress and if any of you have any suggestions. I'm all ears. Knowledge is power.


Good cut!!!

I love this skull!!!

Death and the EX

I know I haven't talked about my EX very often on here. Only as of recently. For reasons that should be obvious. We don't get along very well. I hold onto alot of anger from the things he did to me during our marriage.

Somethings are just not forgivable. Like Physcial and verbal abuse. Lets save that for another time shall me. (let me mention that this was my 2nd husband)

Anyways, I am civil when around him. That is just who I am. Its not fair for my kid to see the anger I'm holding onto.

Well shit I've gotten way off of the topic I wanted to write about.
Sorry for that.

So recently the EX's mother died. Which is very sad. No matter what I don't wish death on anyone.
The death of my sons grandma has really upset him.
Rightfully so , he was pretty close to her. No matter how old you are death is hard to deal with.
So I correspond with the EX, giving my condolence about the death. I ask if there is anything I can do.
Even though he is remarried. It really isn't my place. But I offered anyways.

So my son and I sit down and talk about the death. He cries. and asks me if I would go with him to the funeral. I'm torn between being there for my son and being someplace where I don't really belong.

So I contact the EX and ask if it's ok if I attend the funeral. Surprisingly he says, "yes".
My big issue is, should I really be there? He is remarried. What will his wife think? If his EX shows. Will she care? Should I not go?
I would be doing it out of support for my son.
It's soooooo complicated.
Any thoughts.


crazy paint!!!

those are good baggers!!!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


One of my favorite places to eat is "Jimmy Johns". As a norm my family goes and gets sandwhiches from there on Sunday nights. Since no one wants to cook. We used to go over to my moms for "sunday" dinner. Not really sure why that stopped.
Anyways, we go almost every Sunday. Now let me just say, they have like the sub sandwhich type of bread and then they have the whole wheat seven grain bread.
I personally like the bread not the sub style. I mean I really freakin love the regular bread.
I NEVER get the sub style. EVER!
So the last couple of times we have gone, they have been out of the bread. What the hell!!!
Now you know me well enough to know that this really pisses me off. When I go with my set to have my bread, and then get there to find out they are out.
It pisses me off. Enough where I refuse to get anything from there.
I told my guy I was going to call there the next day and talk to a manager and complain. Not to get free shit, but to tell them I think its fucked up.
My guy just rolls his eyes at me.
Both my guy and my son hate when I share how pissed I am. It embarrasses them.
They are the type to just walk away and internalize the disappointment.
Not me. I have no problem with sharing how I feel.
So in the end my guy drives me to another place to get me food.
The last t h r e e times they were out of the bread, I swore I was never eating there again.

Then while my guy and I were out of town, we stopped in at a Jimmy Johns there and wouldnt you freakin know it, they were fucking out of the bread.

I even asked before if they sold the loafs of bread to customers. You can guess that answer.
What the hell people.
How hard is it to keep extra bread on hand. If its so fucking popular.

I'm just saying.

So after that I told my guy that was the final straw. NO ONE in my family is ever eating there again. I am boy cotting them.
Sorry dude, No more Jimmys Johns for this family.


Hook Motors

Hook Motors -

Hook Motors is the fruit of the collaboration between a designer, a traveller without a cause and a well known mechanic. This is a great project and if you are in Italy and you want a Wrenchmonkees bike Hook Motors is what you need because they are the exclusive reseller of the famous motorcycles from Copenhagen and parts for Italy. Hook Motors also sells and restores amazing vintage bikes, Kawasaki triple 500cc!

kiss me baby i'm hot :)

PETROLEURS' spirit :)

Monday, March 28, 2011

Cocks around the b l o c k

I have seen many many cocks in my day. Mostly photos.
Ok well some real ones too.
and because I have, I feel that I am a pretty good judge on what are the best ones look like.
It really is more than just size.
Not that I don't prefer large ones.
there is shape;
So many things .

I got to thinking about what most men are.
The average is supposed to be the same size as a dollar bill. Which got me to thinking. I should do a survey.

This survey involved,
1) me asking men I know (not random strangers)
 2) men that I am blogger friends with.

For the most part I was provided with photos to prove what size they were,( always nice) while the others that I'm good friends with, well I just took their word for it.

Just so you know I never got to see any of these in person. Bummer.
You know the first thing I found out was most men did not have a problem with sharing what size they are.
Photos or otherwise.
Unless they were below average. I guess I would be a little self concious too.
2nd I found out that the majority of men are indeed
"average" size.
3rd there are a small handful that are most definately
 "above" average.

Now, don't be shocked to hear that the "above" average was not just black men. (sorry I did not survey any black men,but I do have a girlfriend that is dating one. She provided me with info)
There are after all some white guys out there with huge cocks too.
when I say "above" average I mean they were bigger than a dollar bill. Also not surprising the ones that were above average were also larger in width too.  Go figure.

I also found this nice size chart on-line. I just had to share cause its freakin awesome. Yes, I know its for hotdogs. but aren't they relatively the same? hee hee

So my conclusion is most men are average.
Nothing wrong with that.
I suppose in the end it is what you do with it that makes all the difference.
Just sayin

tattoo girl

Cooking Sex Priorities

When I'm pissed. I really try not to start my post with a rant.
this time I just can't do that.
It all started in my kitchen. I was done with the gym.
I was eating a small breakfast, reading a book just chilling.

Had not even showered yet. My guy is also in the kitchen. He has also not showered yet.

Yes I know ewwwww gross, after being at the gym almost 3 hours. but in my defense, after the gym I am freakin starving. I have to get some protein in f a s t.

So my guy is in the kitchen throwing together shit for lunches and stuff for the next week.

I lean back in my chair and I say quietly so small ears can't hear, "hey, psssst. you wanna shower with me"? Wink Wink.

What I get is this blank look like, ummmm we shower together all the time. He says, "I guess. Sure".

I then say, " I mean, you wanna fuck in the shower"?
Now wait for it,
cause your not gonna believe what the fuck comes out of his mouth.
My guy says, " well I guess when I done, if it happens to be when your ready for the shower".

What the fuck??????? Are you kidding me.
Did I mention that his tone of voice was kinda pissy. Cause he was so focused on cooking and shit.

Soooooooo not what I was expecting. You can guess the surprised look on my face and anger rising because of these words.
I mean come on, I'm no super model, but I do work out twice a day. I have men offering me sex all the time.
So I sit there kinda pissed. I go back to reading my book. but not really reading it.

Just getting more and more pissed by the second.

I turn back around to my guy and say, "Never mind".
Don't bother, coming to shower with me.
I'm not interested anymore.
I walk off , PISSED. Livid actually.

Really? He just turned ME down.

What the fuck is wrong with him. No, I don't have a big ego. but I do feel like if anyone was gonna turn down someone it would of been reversed. Fucker!

So I go get in the shower. A couple seconds later my guy shows up in the shower.
I tell him is my best pissy voice, "I told you nevermind"!
But he comes in anyways.
and tries to touch me/put his arms around me.

Now all my emotions are running wild. I feel like I'm gonna cry. I'm so hurt that he didn't react differently to my advances.
I ask him what the hell is his problem? he replies,
"I dont know".

I in turn say, " what do you expect me to do"? You don't want me to cheat but this is what I get.

Are you fucking serious. I ask him again.
He has no answer for me.
Other than he was wrong and he does want me.

We finish showering in silence. and then I leave.
I go to the bedroom and I pull out my "toy" and I use it to get off.
Which seems to becoming a regular routine. That I do not like.
What does this mean?
You guys wonder or get pissed that I cheated.
Really? Now maybe you can reconsider your judgement. and cut me some freakin slack.

What is a girl to do.


Rocker Girl