Tuesday, January 4, 2011

My Tattoo girls got B a l l s

Recently my tattoo got another ticket(YES another), thank goodness it wasn’t for speeding. She is totally at her limit.
It is very apparent that she has some what a lead foot.
I’m gonna say that this one really isn’t her fault.  It's more like my fault.

She got pulled over because of her tail lights. They keep going out, we thought it was the bulb, when really it’s an electrical thing.
We (Tattoo girl and I) have been jacking with these damn things for weeks.
So anyways, my tattoo girl had just gotten off work and was getting on the highway to head home to her place when she gets pulled over.
Let me note it is night time when this happens.
So  officer not so friendly asks her to get out of the car, to which the tattoo girl replies “Why”?
Seriously, who asks a police officer why?
My kid that’s who.
So the officer explains to her that 1) she pulled onto the highway, and cut him off (that would totally piss me off),  2) then she proceeded to fly across two lanes of traffic without signaling.
He asked her again to step out of the car and come back to sit in his. (which I think is and was a totally safe thing to do, it was night time after all)
But it still pissed the tattoo girl off, she was tired after just working a long shift and wanted to get home.
So as the tattoo girl is sitting in back of the police vehicle, she proceeds to ask his name, because she was going to call her uncle. (who is the Captain of the police dept. for that area)
She says, and I quote "My uncle is Blah Blah and he more than likely signs your paycheck"!
Can you fucking believe it!!!!!!
 I can’t even as I type this .
It shouldn’t be too huge of a surprise she does drop her uncles name anytime she has gotten pulled over.
For the most part it does get her out of trouble.
However, if I was that cop I would have been “What the fuck” did you just say?
But he smiled and just replied that she could call him when she got back into her own vehicle.
Now I have to tell you this is how the tattoo girl has always been.
She is somewhat abrasive like her mom.
But I can tell you even back in the day I would have never had the balls to say something like that to a cop.
In the end she got a ticket for faulty tail lights and it cost her $80 dollars.
Lesson learned?
N o n e.

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