Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Rob Lowe Shoulder Tattoo

Rob Lowe is an American actor, known for his role in movies including Tommy Boy, Wayne's World and The Outsiders.

Rob Lowe has a single visible tattoo, which is rumored to have started as a heart, and then later with additional artwork.

Make the pain go away

Gobble Gobble- w a y later

Every year my mom has thanksgiving at her house. We have all our family over, even extended family. 
Which means lots and lots of people.
There is all kinds of "fun" going on at her house. 
It is a super good time. Ok maybe just a tad bit of drama, but who doesn't have that.
Then after dinner we all head down to the plaza to watch the lights turn on.  Its sweet.
It is a tradition. We are big on family traditions.
This year things have been tough between the sportsman and I. Emotionally I have struggled. 
When its thanksgiving time you should be all happy and things should be wonderful. You’re with family. Right.
The love should be poring out of you right?
I was hoping that I could pull my head out of my ass for a short bit and make it a special time for my sportsman.
He so deserves it. I know.
So just like every year the sportsman and I do the whole Black Friday shopping thing.
Why do we do this? I just don’t know.  I 've been sick lately. Not sure its such a good idea this year.
I swear it never fails the week before tempretures are on the 50’s then the week of Thanksgiving they drop to the 20’s. WTF?
Even with multiple layers, I freeze my ass off.
So I sat down with the sportsman prior to the big day, to discuss our plan of action for the shopping this year.
AS I have spoken of before. The sportsman has an entirely different view of spending than I do.
It does not matter if it’s a birthday, anniversary or holiday. 
Less is more he says. LESS IS MORE.
I disagree, but whatever.
The whole conversation took a turn for WTF, I don’t know.
B A D.
What should have been a quick chat about what presents we were going to purchase, ended in he doesn’t trust me and he knows I cheated on him in June this year.
Which by the way I totally denied and will continue to deny till the day I die.

Right or wrong .
So now you can see what kind of thanksgiving I potentially could of had.
A suck ass one.
IF wasn't for my sweet sweet charms and I worked my magic, well really my red lace panties from Victoria Secret worked some magic, so that the sportsman would feel a little more secure.
Along with some sweet ass sex on the table where the board games were being played.
Now I don't know if he walked away 100 percent more secure but he sure was satisfied.
AS for the spending. I did buy some stuff. There were lots of awesome deals out there.
and remember life is too short to just sit on your money.
I say spend- spend- spend.
Like there is no tomorrow.
You know when you go to heaven you can’t take any thing with you.
SO why not enjoy it now.
What cha waiting for?
Any big purchases for you this year?

Monday, November 29, 2010

samoan tattoo design

samoan tattoo design tribalThe variations are endless as different artists incorporate their own stamp of style while the overall look is still consistent with the basic elements of the original designs. Tribal designs is a very broad category but arguably Samoan tattoo designs could well be a niche on its own given the complexity and nature of the tattoo patterns. The Samoan tattoo is a somewhat miniature niche compared to the attention the tribal tattoos are enjoying worldwide.

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back lettering tattoo

back lettering tattoo picture
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back lettering tattoo design

Courtney Love Tattoos

Courtney Love is an American singer-songwriter, musician and actress, known as the lead singer and guitarist of rock band Hole.

Courtney Love has a smattering of tattoos on her body, including an angel and two hearts on her back right shoulder, several small cherry blossoms on her arms and chest, plus the words "Let it Bleed" on her right bicep.

Her other tattoos include, the letter "K" on her stomach and a flower ankle bracelet around her left ankle.

Sometimes Emotions get in the way of living life

Sometimes your emotions get in the way of rational thinking.
You get soooooo wrapped up in your
Freakin f e e l i n g s  that you can’t possibly see clearly.

I have had this problem as of late.

It seems I have gotten a little off track with things because of my feelings.

I am not the overly emotional type of person in general.
I think it’s been a combination of things.
-mean people
-jackass contractors
-upcoming holidays

I should have just said all of the above has caused me to be emotional. I just don’t normally allow my feelings to get soooooo out of control and take over my life.

I am one of those people that says “Whatever” alot.
 Not so much cause I don’t give a shit but more along the lines that I just am not gonna get worked up about shit that I have no control over.

I will talk about it, but I don’t get all emotional about it.
Lately for whatever reason I have allowed my emotions to take over my life.

Well not anymore.
I am BACK!
To the normal ME.

No more cry baby bullshit going on here.
You can count on that.
The bitch is back !
Learn it, live it, love it!

Freezing???? you need a bonet!!!

Catalina Grand Prix

Death of a Friendship- Cont.

Earlier this year (approx. 6 months ago) I spoke about the, "Death of a friendship".
If you need a refresher you can go HERE.

I originally chose to end this friendship due to the stress it had me under. Stress is not good for my disease. It's actually very very b a d.

It seems just like yesterday I was dealing with this issue.
The possible loss of this good friend, due to some hurt feelings and ultimately the severe stress of it all.
Don’t worry, if you read back HERE, this friend did not literally die.
Just our  f r i e n d s h i p.
It was not looking too good,  then there was a discussion.
So things were a little better for awhile. So I thought. Then it slowly seemed to slip away.
I tried, Honestly I did. To make things better. I think sometimes however when the damage is done, its hard to ever go back to the way it was. Wouldn't you agree?
I would send him FB messages,to call me. I would ask how he was doing. I would invite him out. I put alot of effort into trying to repair our friendship.
I got minimal effort on his part.  In my world a friendship is a 50/50 thing. You give , I give.
I am not one to give everything and receive nothing in return, but excuses.
So anyway, on multiple occasions I have invited this friend out to meet me. Always an excuse, as to why he couldn’t make it. I get it, he has a family and responsibilities. But come on, every single time. Really?
My thought is if he really wanted to come out to meet me and hang out then he would of made it happen. Am I wrong here?
So this last week I made my final attempt to invite this friend out. The “girls” night out to be exact.
He said he would be there. 
I sat there with the girls for hours, waiting for him to show. Then at midnight (yes I waited till freakin midnight) I gave up hope and went with the majority vote of the girls to head to “that” bar, you know the one I wasn’t even supposed to go to.
I did not text or call my friend, as he does not have a cell for me to contact him.  So I assumed that if he wasn’t there at midnight he probably wasn't coming.
Wouldn’t you assume the same thing? Is it just me, or who heads out to a bar at midnight?  To my knowledge he wasn’t already out.
My initial thought was, he had never really planned on meeting me. He was just blowing smoke up my ass.
Which hurt my feelings. I thought we had patched things up. Then I got mad. WTF!
I guess my friendship wasn’t all that important after all.
So the girls head out to the “meat market” as the sportsman likes to call it.
And I find out that my friend showed up right after we left.
(Let me put it out there that I didn’t know this little fact till the next day)
So anyways, after I got a ride back to my car (at the original bar), from the “meat market” bar.  I decided that the night was still young and I would run by my other friends house.
I only got to briefly chat with him at the bar earlier in the night.
It was after all a girls night out.
So after I got to my car, I texted him to see where he was.
I was in luck, he was leaving the bar and heading home. 
He asked me to meet him there.
Excellent timing, and what a great way to end the night.
So I headed over to my friends house, and waited in the driveway for him to show up.
Now I knew he would have a friend with him. Cause I talked to both of them at the original bar.
What I had not expected was my “other” friend that I was supposed to meet earlier in the evening, (that never showed) to also be in the car with them.
Ohhhhhhhhh, holy shit! That is sooooooooooooo not good.
If you read back to HERE, in the original Death of a Friendship” . 
You will see that these are the same two men.
My friendship with the 2nd guy is the reason for the death of
my friendship with guy no 1.
So you can imagine the guilt I felt seeing him get out of the car and here I am at our mutual friend’s house, in the middle of the night.
I stayed for awhile. Thats all I will say.
I won't give you details, cause that is not what this post is about. I will just say that my friend is back to not speaking to me again.
I have now come to the conclusion that I just can't worry about him anymore. Or try and patch up this friendship on my own. If he is done, then so am I.
I don't beg . Ever. For anyone.
It makes me very sad to say this, but I just can’t carry the load anymore. I will only try for so long before I call it quits.
I said it before and I will say it now, friendships shouldn't be this difficult to maintain.
So heres Goodbye, to a great guy.
I wish him well, honestly I do.
 It's just too bad
he couldn’t forgive me
and move past all this.
Good luck old friend.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

chinese lettering tattoo

chinese lettering tattoo pictureIt is certainly not a decision to be taken lightly or It may not be necessary to say it but if you choose to get a permanent tattoo, Chinese or not, it is exactly that, permanent. Chinese tattoos are available in many different designs because the language is made up of thousands of characters rather than the few letters in the English alphabet. Making the perfect, meaningful choice .

All that combined with the size and placement of your tattoo, and your body's ability to heal, make it impossible to predict how many treatment sessions your tattoo removal might entail. And speaking of type of ink, there are over 100 varieties of tattoo inks out there, and sometimes pigments undergo chemical changes after you get tattooed. The number of treatments you'll need to completely remove your tattoo also depends on the type of ink your tattooist used and how deeply he or she injected it. The fact that they also look cool doesn't hurt either.

chinese lettering tattoo design Part of the interest, one would guess, is how unique each character seems and so the chances of someone else having the same one is unlikely. There is an endless mythical history in Asian cultures, it's no wonder Westerners are drawn to these types of tattoos, Chinese designs being the most popular and sort after around the world. We picture friends and strangers asking with keen interest about our decision behind such a choice, which may even lead some people to create elaborate stories about their own life. Their mystery, sleek design and hidden meanings draw on our curiosity like moths to a flame. Anyone who has ever thought of getting a tattoo has considered the option of a Chinese tattoo or for that matter a Korean or Japanese tattoo.

Makes you wonder about all the times you wondered into a tattoo artist's workshop and flipped through the hundreds of Chinese tattoos available looking for that perfect one which symbolized your life on this planet. There is even an entire blog dedicated to the misuse of these characters. Spend a few minutes surfing the net for information on Chinese tattoos and you will quickly notice a recurring theme warning the would be tattoo recipient to ensure they know someone reliable who can accurately translate the meaning before they just go ahead a slap one on.

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font lettering tattoo

font lettering tattoo photosThus tattoo design styles and patterns are endless; by researching we can design our desired tattoo with many ideas. Perfect tattoo can be created by deciding the origin and meaning of the picture. Though these tattoos are attractive, to retain it ever glowing, proper care should be taken. Even internets are used to know new creative designs and patterns of tattoo letterings.

Chinese tattoo and Japanese Kanji are preferred by a lot of people for its magnificence. Tattoo letterings can be used with complex designs like Chinese dragon, scorpion and snake tattoo design and Hawaiian tattoos. These are used in butterfly tattoo design, heart design, angel tattoo design, and flower tattoo design. In tattoo lettering the most popular font is Calligraphy tattoo lettering.

The styles and designs used in tattoo lettering may be a single word, two words or a quote. Various languages like Chinese, Japanese, Hindi, etc.., are used in tattoo lettering. Tattoo letterings can be worn in two ways; one is plainly without picture tattoo and the other is a picture related with lettering. A picture tattoo can be made more beautiful by using tattoo lettering ideas.

font lettering tattoo pictureMincho Kanji is similar to Times New Roman in English letters in Japanese, it's used often in newspaper and billboards in Japan. It was used in the movie "The Last Samurai". Sosho Kanji is a modern, cursive twist style on Kanji.

Kanji has evolved into two different styles, Sosho Kanji and Mincho Kanji. Kanji Japanese calligraphy is a tattoo font which is used while writing on bones. These popular fonts are chosen by people frequently as they are Eye – Catchy. Another popular font is Old English.

These fonts are liked by the people who want to look fresh. Some of the most popular tattoo among the popular fonts is Fiery fonts, and Icy fonts. Then they will stencil the tattoo in the desired place using technically advanced tattooing method. After designing, we can take it to the artist at the tattoo parlor.

Even many software are available to combine a tattoo design with tattoo fonts. As there are many tattoo fonts to select from the lot, we can draw any design using tattoo font. Tattoos that contain words require more examination to find the possible tattoo fonts that suits the particular individual.

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Bon esprit

Ouah !

Bon esprit

F Bomb, The Kittycat has a potty mouth

As of recently I have had quite the potty mouth.
Like a freakin sailor.
Normally I would only drop the "F " bomb if I was REALLY pissed off about something.
Well, it seems as of late I must be real angry, about something.

 Since I use it all the damn time.
Angry about what?
I do not know. I don’t feel like I'm pissed off all the time. Maybe here and there. Is it subconcious?
I have been disappointed lately in some of the things that have happened in my life. but then again isn't everyone disappointed now and again with life.
No one is happy all the time.
Is my increase in foul language due to less church attendance?
Not sure.
I can say with cetainty that I don’t hang out with any sailors.
Where is all this anger coming from?
I think I need some intervention.
Of some sort. Any suggestions?
When I was growing up we weren’t even allowed to tell someone to shut up.  
That was  like saying the F word.

Who have I become? As of late?
Why am I allowing myself to be so angry?
and what is the issue that is pissing me off?
Is this about "him"?
I just don't know. It's something to ponder on.
If it is, when will it stop being about "him"?
I tell other people all the time that life is too short, so enjoy it to the fullest. Right?
SO why then am I not enjoying it myself? To its fullest.

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