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Stephen Dorff Tattoos

Stephen Dorff is a marvelous American movie actor, best known for his role in the movie Backbeat and Blade.

Stephen Dorff has a handful of tattoos which we have spotted on him, including a tiny heart on the back of his right elbow, and the name of his mother "Nancy" on his right forearm.

The actor also has an unknown tattoo design on his right bicep area, and another tattoo design just above his left armpit.

Stephen Dorff Tattoos.

Sexy Tattoos for Girls

This tattoo very beautiful for girl............

A Child from a Broken Home

When I was 8 my parents got divorced. I was devastated. Then at some point my mom got remarried. My step father was a great guy. He was around the majority of my childhood.

 If someone asked me I would say, growing up I lead mostly a normal childhood. I say mostly cause you would assume that if a kid has a mother and father figure in the home that all would be good right?

Mostly the kids who have two parents in the household turn out to be relatively more normal than the kids who only have 1 parent.

However there is just something about little girls and needing to know that your father loves you. Let me share something with you that has taken me my whole life to figure out. Little girls who lack a regular relationship with their biological father have issues with men their entire life.

I know you have heard people say, “Oh, she has Daddy Issues”. Well it’s true. Not having a relationship with your natural father can screw you up for life.

I have first hand knowledge of this. I have went thru many men in my lifetime. It’s never been about sex. It was always about trying to find the one that “really” loved me. The one that I could trust. The one that would never leave me. The one who had my back. The one who would never cheat on me. The one who would make me feel needed. I have wasted many years of my life searching.

I have been married (3) three times. My current husband is the best. He is loyal, he would never cheat on me, and he truly loves me. I love him. I would never leave him.


Am I truly happy? Will I ever be?

Sometimes I wonder if I would be better off alone.

Feather tattoo

a feather tattoo design on the hip
A free feather tattoo design exploiting the skin color smartly

Sci-Fi Expo 2010

Once again I'll be at the great Sci-Fi Expo. April 24-25 at the Richardson Convention Center, Sat: 11:00 am to 6:00 pm and Sun: Noon to 4:00 pm. Click here for details.

Media guests (so far) include:
Adam Baldwin (Firefly and Chuck)
Bruce Boxleitner (Tron)
Mira Furlan (Rousseu from LOST)
Richard Hatch and Kate Vernon (BSG) and more

Comic Artists (so far) include...
Brian Denham
James O'Barr
Keith Wilson
Ben Dunn and more

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Free buddha tattoo flash

free Buddha tattoo flash
A perfect, kind printable tattoo flash.

Pete Doherty Tattoos

Pete Doherty is an English singer songwriter, known as the frontman for the band entitled Baby Shambles and The Libertines.

Pete Doherty has several tattoos which seem to be a bit random in nature and location, including a tattoo design on his neck of his sons name "Estile" which appears to be "Astile".

Some of his other tattoos include, a heart with an arrow and the letter "K" which stands for "Kate" Moss, who is his ex girlfriend.

He has a mermaid on his right forearm, plus a skull and crossbones tattoo on his inner left forearm, along with "Baby Shambles" on his chest.

Pete Doherty also has a few other tattoos, however they are difficult to see clearly.

the art of making tattoos

All Free Tattoo Designs

tattoo art body

tattoo art body

Due to the development and innovation in the society, the Japanese tattoo art has also developed. Nowadays, body art has gained popularity not only for younger people but the adults alike. For younger people they acquire this work of art just to keep in the fashion trend but for others they put tattoo in their body for some sentimental reasons. Upon knowing the transitions of tattoo art in Japan you will surely appreciate to have any of the designs and symbols inked in your body.

Japanese Tattoo Art

Tattoo's galore

Tattoo art being displayed by one of the attendees at the second annual London Tattoo Convention. The three day event was held at the Truman Brewery on Brick Lane and showcased over 100 tattoo artists from around the world.

Japanese Tattoo Art

The tattoo making during the Edo period became a taboo to the Japanese culture because it is used by prostitutes. The yujos inked body art in their body to attract customers that is why tattoo has gained negative impact in the society.

Tattoo Art Gallery

Top 4 Reasons SEX is dangerous in the Shower

Top 4 reasons you should not have sex in the shower.

I am going to share with you today; my top (4) FOUR reasons why having sex in the shower can be dangerous.

You ask how I know this, well from personal experience of course. Come on people, pay attention.

This is very important information that everyone needs to know. As they say around my work place, “We don’t need any recordables today people”.

So here is My list of d o n ’t ’s. Of course, you have to take into consideration this is theWinder household we are talking about. Pretty much anything goes.  The Winders have a whole different set of rules you know.

#1 you should not shave in the shower if your planning on sex. Definitely make sure you remove all razors from the shower first. You do not want any accidents involving the wiener. Ouch, that can be painful. In addition, that can result in no sex that day.
#2 I do not reconmend it  if  you have a small shower area where there is not enough room for a linebacker size man and a small women at the same time. Let me just say flying like an eagle, a loofah sponge and ass crack can result in a wrist or head injury.

#3 Shower sex can also result in putting your neck/back out. If you have just the standard size tub, you should never, I repeat  n e v e r  try and lie down in the tub and have sex. That most definitely can result in week’s worth of chiropractor visits. Also your co-workers will only believe you so many times, after saying you don't know how you put your back out.

#4 Shampoo/Conditioner can cause a real rukus in the shower. You know sometimes bottles leak and run down the side of the tub. If you are screwing around in the shower in the dark doggy style and don’t know there is a “slick” spot this can seriously cause a pulled groin injury as a result of trying to over compensate.

So what have you learned today people?
That it is without a doubt
very dangerous
to have sex in the shower.
 If you insist on trying it anyways,
don’t say I didn’t try and warn you.
Fuck at your own risk.

Eliza Dushku tattoo images

Eliza Patricia Dushku was born in the dawn of 1980 on December 30th of that year to a Mormon family in Boston, Massachusetts. Her parents are both college professors and she has three older brothers, whom she says used to terrorize her and taught her to become a tomboy, but she must have forgiven them as she still lives with her oldest brother Nate today.At the age of twelve she already proved herself better than every waiter in Los Angeles when she made her way onto the silver screen in the 1992 film, That Night. The film wasn't a box-office smash, but it did lead to a role alongside Leonardo DiCaprio in 1993's This Boy's Life.
Source :moono

Body Art Tattoo-Visual Feast

body art tattoo designsfull body art tattoo imageTattoo aficionados are firm about getting good body art tattoos when they think they should allow some more body spaces for tattoo canvas. Body art tattoo normally covers hand, including arm, elbow, and wrist, shoulder, neck, chest, upper-and-lower-back portions, and lower stomach.

So many colorful motifs are there to occupy this large area for body art tattoos. Men and women, both, love to flaunt with body art tattoos. Sometimes, it is a painstaking and time-killing process, and the tattoo enthusiast must be patient before the full body art tattoo is done.

The present body art tattoo in image is a nice example of such kind of tattoo – it eye-catching in nature. Sometimes, the legs are also used.

Tag : body art, tattoo, full body tattoo

Jamie King tattoo designs

This Omaha-born blonde left her humble beginnings behind when she became a famous fashion model as a teen. Prized for her personality as well as her beauty, King had trouble handling the high life and struggled with an addiction to heroin.
jamie king neck tattoo designAfter her photographer boyfriend died of an overdose in 1997, King cleaned up her act and slowly segued into an acting career by playing supporting parts in a number of features. After brief, high-profile romances with actors and rock stars, King settled down with director Kyle Newman in 2007.
jamie king new arm tattoo designHer film career reached a new level soon after, as she achieved leading-lady status in genre movies like The Spirit (2008) and the 2009 My Bloody Valentine remake.
Source : tvguide

Black Rose Tattoo-Touch of Boldness and Delicacy

black rose tattoo designsblack rose tattoo for girlsAdopted by many anarchist and antiauthoritarian groups throughout the world, the black rose tattoo is a typical example of a presence of delicate rose with the boldness of doing something different.

Black rose tattoo is the balance between softness and boldness as when any kind of nihilist desire is born to step aside. The dark beauty lies within this momentary black rose tattoo to set a pure trust to feel the new look towards life.

It is eye catching on men and women on their arms, wrists, shoulders, necks, legs, and thighs. Black rose tattoo is honoring the past that was sad and somber. The present black rose tattoo on the right upper buttock is simple awesome.

Men Tattoos

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A Different VIEW

Sketched By: SoccerMom

Angel tattoo

a free tattoo design with angel chasing a star
A cute angel-chasing-star tattoo design, inked on a sexy place.

Koi, Japanese Tattoo Design Culture

Koi, Japanese Tattoo Design Culture

japanese tattoo, Koi, session 2

Koi, Japanese Tattoo Design Culture

japanese tattoo, Koi, session 2

Although, Today I could see how weak my lines still are! (Partly due to the rush last session as I wanted draw all the lines in one session, even tho, I only had a short time). But no excuses! Tattoo requires of you! No excuses! Only discipline, skills and concentration! Anyway, I know I’ll fix this, while doing the shading, then go over the lines I want to make stronger! Also, yoday/today, I was very honoured due to the visit of a special guest, who came to me, to show me his amazing traditional japanese Back piece! I also was the first foreigner he ever met and spoke to, so it was a really amazing experience for me to exchange and share true respect; and love for tradition and the japanese/human spirit. Tattoos can be very intimate and private in Japan! Thank you for the honour! It was a real gift from life, to welcome him, and see the tattoo alive on him! I can tell you that guy had a really strong and beautiful spirit! That is what I love about Japanese People! You can be strong, and very humble!
Heart to Heart! Never lost in translation!

I chose to treat this piece more like a painting, so I’ll keep my spontanity flowing! Today some black and some shading!

Whats Inside- Total Fitness

Plain and simple being fit is hard work. It requires dedication, determination, and drive.
If anyone ever tells you that losing weight or being fit is easy, they are full of crap.

I have been working on being ”fit” since I was probably 12 years old. That was when it first started. The nicknames my family had for me (Sam Sausage). I was a pudgy kid no doubt. The nicknames were all in good fun. They weren’t said in a mean or hurtful way. It was a fact that I loved to eat.

Since then I have been actively working on my “weight”. It got worse my freshman year of H.S., but then again what teen doesn’t focus too much on their appearance? I started first with weighing myself all the time. I was obsessed with it.

By my freshman year I started the “throwing up”. This was my way of eating whatever I wanted and not putting on the weight. I was also in control and boy did that feel good to be in charge of something. As teen there are so many times when you feel everything is out of control.

I went on like this for a couple of years before my mom finally caught on. After that, for a long time I wasn’t allowed to go to the bathroom after eating or even use the bathroom unless the door was left open. At that time I weighted 115lbs.

When I got married and left home, I started it back up again. Trying to shed all that weight that I had put back on. At this point I weighted 125lbs. OMG, I was a tub of lard. No not really but I felt that way. Seriously I lived in California. All the women there are tan, skinny, and hot looking. No freakin pressure there.

So when I couldn’t loose the weight I decided that maybe I should just get pregnant. Seemed like a good time at the time. By the way, I put on 40lbs with my first pregnancy.

In the last 20 years I have only done it a couple of times. At what point I decided to stop, I don’t really know. Besides all that acid is really bad on the enamel on your teeth.

Even though now I don’t make myself throw up anymore, it doesn’t mean I still don’t struggle daily/hourly with my weight and appearance. I don’t know if I will ever get over it.

Bulimia and Anorexia doesn’t just affect girls. It can affect boys also. Be cautious when approaching any teen about their weight. One wrong comment can send them down a path of lifetime destructive.

I’m not here to place blame. I accept full responsibility. I know for me personally it was multiple things that set me down this path. I didn’t choose to be this way, but here I am.

I share this with you because anyone who has a child (boy or girl) at the pre teenage should be aware of the signs.

I know that you are aware of this but, set a healthy eating example for your kids while they are young. They watch you and want to be just like you.

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Free abstract tattoo flash

printable animal head tattoo flash
A very abstract tattoo flash, like an animal's skull or something.

Dead@17 Sketch Cards - My Full Set

Here is a look at all the cards I did for 5finity Productions' Dead@17 Sketch Card Series . The first two cards (upper left corner) I got back as "Artist Exclusives". I already sold the first one to a collector. If anyone is interested in the second, drop me a line (contact at

UPDATE: Both cards are now sold.

BAND of the WEEK


This band is a personal favorite of mine. I used to listen to them all the time in H.S.
Boston is an American rock band from Boston, Massachusetts that achieved its most notable successes during the 1970s and 1980s. Centered on guitarist, keyboardist, songwriter, and producer Tom Scholz, the band is a staple of classic rock radio playlists.

Boston's genre is considered to be hard rock, while combining elements of progressive rock and heavy metal into their music.

Boston's best-known works include the songs "More Than a Feeling", "Peace of Mind", "Foreplay/Long Time", "Rock and Roll Band", "Smokin'", "Don't Look Back" and "Amanda".
Tom Scholz first started writing music in 1969 while he was attending MIT.

They have sold over 31 million albums in the United States, of which 17 million are their self-titled album.

Current band members:

Tom Scholz: lead guitar, bass, keyboards, percussion, backing vocals (1976–present)
Michael Sweet: lead vocals, guitar (2008–present)
Tommy DeCarlo: lead vocals, keyboards, percussion (2008–present)
Gary Pihl: guitars, keyboards, backing vocals (1985–present)
Kimberley Dahme: bass, vocals (2001–present)
Jeff Neal: drums, percussion, backing vocals (2002–present)

Past band members:
Brad Delp (deceased): lead vocals, rhythm guitar, keyboards, percussion (1976–1989, 1994–2007)
Jim Masdea: drums, percussion, keyboards (1983–1988)
Barry Goudreau: guitars, backing vocals (1976–1981)
Sib Hashian: drums, percussion, backing vocals (1976–1983)
Fran Sheehan: bass, backing vocals (1976–1983)
David Sikes: vocals, bass, keyboards (1987–1997)
Doug Huffman: drums, percussion, keyboards, backing vocals (1987–1994)
Curly Smith: drums, percussion, harmonica, backing vocals (1994–1997)
Fran Cosmo: lead vocals, guitar (1993–2006)
Anthony Cosmo: guitar, backing vocals (1997–2006)
Anthony Citrinite: drums (2001–2002)
Tom Hambridge: drums (2002)

Tattoo convention art - tattoo for girls convention

Tattoo convention art
tattoo for girls convention
Tattoo convention gallery
please give me ypour comment about tattoo convention above . . .

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Fairy Tattoo Ideas For Back Body Tattoo Designs With Pictures Back Body Fairy Tattoos For Women Tattoo Gallery

Fairy Tattoo Ideas For Back Body Tattoo Designs With Pictures Back Body Fairy Tattoos For Women Tattoo Gallery 1Fairy Tattoo Ideas For Back Body Tattoo Designs With Pictures Back Body Fairy Tattoos For Women Tattoo Gallery 1

Fairy Tattoo Ideas For Back Body Tattoo Designs With Pictures Back Body Fairy Tattoos For Women Tattoo Gallery 2Fairy Tattoo Ideas For Back Body Tattoo Designs With Pictures Back Body Fairy Tattoos For Women Tattoo Gallery 2

Fairy Tattoo Ideas For Back Body Tattoo Designs With Pictures Back Body Fairy Tattoos For Women Tattoo Gallery 3Fairy Tattoo Ideas For Back Body Tattoo Designs With Pictures Back Body Fairy Tattoos For Women Tattoo Gallery 3

Fairy Tattoo Ideas For Back Body Tattoo Designs With Pictures Back Body Fairy Tattoos For Women Tattoo Gallery 4Fairy Tattoo Ideas For Back Body Tattoo Designs With Pictures Back Body Fairy Tattoos For Women Tattoo Gallery 4