Saturday, February 17, 2007

When I was 10 years old, I was clearly insane

While organizing old drawings and junk, I came across this gem. If you can't laugh at this work of art, then you my friend just do not possess the ability to do so. There are so many wheel-off things here that I don't know where to begin. Let me list some of the things that make a strong case for childhood mental instability. You have to click on the image to enjoy it to it's fullest.

1. I have a "Space Tank", and a pimped-out one at that.
2. My back seat driver is Chewbacca.
3. My navigator (apparently) is The Atom.
4. My friends Han Solo and Aquaman are out on a lovely stroll together.
5. My cat has got my back.
6. A miniature S.W.A.T. van is riding along side of me.
7. I proudly fly the U.S. flag and the Cal Slayton flag.
8. I fire my laser ray at all times.
9. Lastly and most importantly, no matter who tells you differently, I invented the term "Crunk".

Speaking of The New Frontier

Enjoy one of my favorite songs of the 80s. Donald Fagen's "New Frontier" and it's great late 50s / early 60s era style...

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Angels and Nightmares

Recently, I was asked to contribute to an upcoming book titled "The Book of Angels and Nightmares". The concept is simple. Each artists get two pages, one page to draw something angelic, pure and good. The other to create something evil, profane and bad. They even got James O'Barr, creator of the Crow to contribute.

I tried doing the literal angel piece but I can really pull off the whole fantasy style artwork thing. So, I got the idea of doing more of a crime film noir piece. Posted here is my angel image. The publisher of the book asked us not to show both pieces, but to save them for when the book comes out. It's scheduled to come out sometime in the Spring. Click on the image below for more details.

DC: The New Frontier, Absolute Edition

When this series came out a few years ago, I was drooling. One of my favorite artists, Darwyn Cooke, writing and illustrating a mini series focusing around the Silver Age heroes of DC. Well, when this Absolute Edition was announced the drool commencd again.

This oversized, hardcover, slipcase edition runs $75, but of course you can get it at Amazon for $40 and something. It conatins several new story pages, annotations by Cooke, alternate sequences, sketches, action figure designs, photos, pinups, all the covers fro the series and more.

I'll be the first to admit that Marvel has much cooloer characters than DC. But when a talent like Cooke gets his hands on these DC heroes, it can't be beat. He somehow manages to mix the turmoil of the 60s with the wimsical feel of the Silver Age at DC. The art is stunning and the story is even better when read in one collective edition.

If you love great art, a great story and Darwyn Cooke, this is a must have.

Pirate Chick

Here is a new commission piece I recently did. It's based off a woman's Halloween costume. She wanted the piece as a gift to her husband. I took off the logo portion from the top that she requested so I could diplay just the art.